Tips for Selecting a Good Business Coach

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Tips for Selecting a Good Business Coach
Are you in the market for a business coach?
When you start doing some research on finding a good business coach, and perhaps receiving all kinds
of recommendations from business associates, colleagues, or even family and friends, you might start
to get overwhelmed. It will help you to have some clarity about what you're looking for in a good
business coach so you can make the right choice for your business needs.
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Here are some tips for selecting a good coach:
Choose a coach with qualifications
Just because Bill from Accounting heard of "some guy" who's supposedly great with business
coaching, doesn't mean that it's true. Almost anyone can slap on the title "Business Coach" without
having any kind of credential to back it up. It's best to do some research and investigation to make sure
you find a business coach who is qualified-someone who went to school/college or took a training
program from a recognized institution to become credentialed.
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Choose a coach with experience
Qualifications are very important and must be taken into consideration when selecting a good coach,
but you also need to consider experience. Is the person you're considering new to the field? Fresh out of
school, college, or a training program? You might want to look elsewhere for someone with more
experience under his/her belt.
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It's true that everyone needs to start somewhere, but at the very least, a good one should be certified or
credentialed from a recognized and accredited training institution and should have experience as a
volunteer or intern.
Choose a coach who matches your needs
Not all coaches are equal when it comes to skills and particular areas of expertise. For example, if you
are a solo, self-employed entrepreneur, you need to find and select a business coach who's a good fit for
you-not someone who specializes in coaching large businesses of 1,000+ employees. Also, some
business coaches have more expertise in specific areas, such as brainstorming, consulting, strategy,
marketing, time management, customer service, etc.
There are people who market themselves as "well-rounded coaches" able to help with any type of

business of any size and with any need, but you might be more comfortable with someone in a
particular niche that matches your particular needs.
Choose a coach who's more than a coach
Someone might be qualified as a business coach, and may even have experience as such, but does he or
she have experience as a business owner? This is a very important factor to consider. Someone who is
both a business owner & coach will know, first-hand, what is involved with running a business, the
"ins" and "outs," challenges, pitfalls to avoid, and tips for success.
Choose someone with positive and relevant recommendations
Find out what other clients he/she has worked with, and see if they have positive things to say about the
person. Also make sure to look for similarities between these clients/their businesses and you and your
Choose a coach who meets your other criteria
What else is there to think about when selecting a good business coach? You'll need to ask and think
about the coach's fees, hours and availability, and additional programs and services. Find out if they
offer a free consultation, during which you can determine-in person-whether this person is right for the