Tips on Being an Eco-Friendly Golfer

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Tips on Being an Eco-Friendly Golfer

Golf seems to be the greenest of all the sports, but in reality environmental groups are restlessly criticizing the
game for its negative effects on the environment. We are literally surrounded by nature whenever we play a
round of golf. This reason alone makes it very important for golfers to step up their game when it comes to caring
for the environment. Here are some eco-friendly tips so you can be more green while you are on the green:

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Pick up your golf tees - Leaving golf tees on the course can have consequences like a potential damage
to course maintenance equipment or cause injury to other players and wildlife. Better yet, use
biodegradable golf tees. An estimate of two billion golf tees are used in America every year, just imagine
how many trees are cut to make those tees.

Minimize your use of golf cart - Golf carts emit greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. If
you are able to walk the whole course without trouble, then just leave the cart at the clubhouse. Just
think of all the extra calories you can burn from walking. If you really need to use the golf cart, then make
sure to stay within the cart path and follow all cart rules.

Bring your own water bottle - Instead of those cone-shaped paper cups that golfers use to rehydrate
between holes, why not bring your own water bottle. This way, you no longer have to wait for the next
water jug and you can also avoid wasting plastic and paper when drinking.

Take care of the golf course - Do your part in caring for the golf course. There are several little ways to
do it. Always throw your trash properly. Replace all divots. Repair your ball marks. Do not enter
restricted parts of the golf course. Play only within the course limits. These are just small acts, but they
can make a big difference if every golfer observes them.

Play on environmentally-friendly golf course - Since golf course developers have become more
environment-conscious, new golf courses are designed depending on the natural habitat of the area.
Canoa Ranch Golf Resort in Green Valley Arizona is a perfect example of a golf course that
complements the natural environment of Arizona.

Through the years, golf has become wallet-friendly with the emergence of budget golf vacation deals like
Arizona golf packages. It's about time that golf became eco-friendly as well.

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