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Relax and Revitalize With the Laatu Steel Rod Infrared Sauna

Each country in the world has certain customs, some that make them well-known. The United
States should take a look at one of the customs of Finland. They started the use of saunas and it
is part of that country's culture. Saunas can help you relax and lose weight. A sauna is very
therapeutic, in that you will sweat out many poisons as you sit in it. If you decide that getting a
sauna is something for you, an excellent model to get is the Laatu Steel Rod Infrared Sauna.

There are many benefits for an infrared sauna, such as you will get when you choose a Laatu
Infra-red Sauna. It's a well designed and easy to use system that gives you very soothing heat.
The solid construction will make this sauna look good sitting in your house. Infrared makes a
perfect heat therapy room, especially for athletes looking for a way to get a gentle warm-up, before
beginning their workouts. By warming up your muscles in an infrared sauna, you will increase your
flexibility and minimize injury. Using the sauna is great for winding down after a hard day or for a
pre-warm up before a massage or physical therapy.

Laatu IR Series Far Infrared Sauna Rooms are available through, and they will give
you the soothing heat your body needs. Your aches, and pains, and stresses, will be relieved as
the heat radiates directly to your body. For those who live in a lower temperature environment,
their Laatu rooms, which come in either Poplar or Western Red Cedar, will provide a heat therapy
experience. They are individually manufactured in a facility in Minnesota. Each heater is
positioned so that the heat is evenly spread throughout the room. The size of your sauna will
determine how many heaters you will have.

The infrared sauna rooms come with ceiling panels and pre-fabricated walls, with a ceiling height
of 80 1/4" for great comfort. The interior and exterior is vertical 1" x 4" tongue and groove Western
Red Cedar. It also features a gentle balance control for stable emission plus it comes with low-
wattage, low density stainless steel elements. The pre-assembled benches are made out of 2' x 4'
Western Red Cedar frames with 1" x 4" Cedar tops. The sauna has bronze tinted all glass doors,
vinyl flooring and ergonomic back-rests. Another cool feature is the heat-resistant speakers where
you can listen to your favorite tunes. These saunas are the only ones in the industry that is UL
listed for safety and reliability.

While the Laatu infrared sauna is a bit pricey, it is still a great value. The saunas are all built when
ordered plus they use no glue and the designs are all from the United States.

Environmentally Friendly