Tips on How to Help You Get the Right HP Pavilion DV4 AC Adapter

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Tips on How to Help You Get the Right HP Pavilion DV4 AC Adapter
Laptops are very important due to their convenience; they can be used from anywhere and
anytime. However, the batteries drains with time and you have to recharge it to power the
computer. Most new laptops come with chargers but you may be required to replace it when it gets
old, lost or damaged.
Buying a laptop charger is not that simple because not every charger is compatible with your
computer. Therefore, you must research to find the right power charger for your laptop. Here are
some of the things that you should look for when buying an HP charger:
Buying an HP Pavilion DV4 AC adapter
When buying a laptop charger, whether specialized or universal, look carefully at the symbols and
writings on the charger. This is because there is important information listed such as the model
number, safety marks, the manufacturer and many others. Follow the tips below to make sure that
the new charger is compatible with your laptop:
The output and input range
The AC gives alternating current range consisting of amps and volts while the DC gives the direct
current in amps and volts. Checking the amperage and voltage of the original charger against that
of the new charger is one of the best way to ensure its compatibility. If the new charger 's amp
matches with that of the original one, then it is ideal. Also, if the amp is higher but the voltage is
matching, it is safe to use too. However, do not buy a charger with two times the amperage.
The manufacturer
When buying a new charger for HP Pavilion DV4, know the manufacturer of your laptop; in this
case it is HP. There are chargers that are compatible with several brands but it is important to stick
to your manufacturer.
Model number and name
The model number and name is another important feature that you should look for when buying a
laptop charger. Sometimes the model number is part of the model name, other times they are
found separately. This information will make it easier for you to find a compatible charger.

Part number
Every laptop has this number; it is found after the letters PN or SN with a few letters in front of it.
If you cannot trace it, check in the company's website or the user manual.
The pin allows the HP Pavilion DV4 power supply to fit in the laptop. There many types of pin
connections and they vary among laptop models and makes. Check if your laptop takes a bullet
pin, center pin or large yellow connector.
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