Tips on How to Use the Acer Aspire 1350 Battery and Adapter Properly

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Tips on How to Use the Acer Aspire 1350 Battery and Adapter Properly
The Acer Aspire 1350 battery is specifically designed to work with Acer 1350 and 1510 series
laptops and notebook computers. It usually comes in a discharged condition when you buy it, so
you need to charge it fully before you start using it. After using this battery for some time, you
will need to start taking it through charge and discharge cycles in order to maintain its efficiency.
When you are charging the battery for Acer Aspire 1350, it may sometime indicate that it is full
after only about 10 to 15 minutes. You do not have to worry when that happens since it is a normal
phenomenon with many rechargeable batteries. You will s imply need to remove it from the
computer, re-insert it and then repeat the charging process.
You will need to fully charge and fully discharge the battery after about two to three times in a
week in order to condition it. If you fail to do that, the lifespan of the battery may be signif icantly
shortened. To discharge the battery for Acer Aspire 1350, you will be required to run your
computer under its power until you get a low battery warning or the computer shuts down. After
that, you will need to recharge the battery according to the guidelines in the manual.
In the event that you will not be using the computer for about a month or more, it is recommended
to remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry and clean place. When the battery is being charged
or discharged, you may notice that it is considerably warm. You do not have to worry since that is
a normal occurrence. After the battery has been charged and then you dot use the computer for
long, it is eventually going to lose its power. You might therefore require to recharge it the next
time you need to use it.
If you are also buying Acer Aspire 1350 adapter besides the battery, you will need to make sure
that it does not exceed the original manufacturer requirements. Also make sure that it has a
warranty. That way, you will have the surety of getting a replacement or repair service if the
adapter turns out being problematic. It is also important to use the adapter the right way if you
want it to last for long. You should avoid using it in dusty, dirty or hot areas because that could
end up damaging its moving parts and electronic components.