Tips to Earn Big Money With Paid Surveys

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Online paid surveys are free! They don't cost you anything and you get paid to fill out the survey

You take something that is free, add your opinions, and get cash for your efforts. Payment comes
by way of checks through the mail or deposits into your PayPal account. The money comes out of
the budgets of consumer opinion surveys commissioned by big companies, to measure consumer

There are thousands of surveys being taken every week, and tens of thousands of survey
participants are receiving checks in the mail every month.

So how can you get some of that free online paid survey cash? For surveys? Free online?

The fast, easy answer is to get your name and demographic info on the survey makers lists of
prospective survey participants. There are over 700 survey makers in the U.S. and over 3,000

The slower, more focussed answer is to get your name and info on the lists of survey makers that
pay in cash or equivalent. That limits you to about 25-30% of the total and saves you a lot of time
making applications!

The problem is, how do you tell which is which? For your purposes of making money, survey
makers can be divided into three categories: Those who always pay in cash or equivalent, Those
who sometimes pay and Those who never pay. Almost all survey makers, regardless of which
category they belong in, say they pay.

Survey makers that actually pay have low turnover, keep their same participants, rarely recruit and
generally don't pay recruitment fees.

Those that pay sometimes or never have high turnover, recruit almost constantly and do pay
recruiters at free sites. Ever notice the Google ads for free sites and wonder how they paid for the
ad? ;-). Most of the publicity you encounter on the Net comes from these or is recruiting for them
at $5 a head or so.

The free sites you encounter live off of the recruitment fees. They make money but the ones they
recruit generally do not. Worse, they have no recourse when they find out! (What are you going to
do, sue someone for wasting your time?!)

The best way to quickly find survey makers that actually pay, is through a good paid survey site.

These sites maintain lists of survey makers that pay. For a small one-time membership fee, they
will give new members a copy of their current list. There are about 200+ of these out there on the
Net. Some are good, some not.

To find a good paid survey site, insist on a strong guarantee and a low refund rate. The guarantee
tells you that they stand behind the service they provide and you won't lose your money. The
refund rate under the guarantee is really a vote of discontented past clients who demanded their
money back.

Many unhappy clients means a high refund rate. Few unhappy clients (many satisfied clients)
means a low refund rate.

Look for a strong guarantee backed up by a bank or financial company such as PayPal or
ClickBank. Such financial companies will only back strong paid survey sites that perform. They
would lose money otherwise.

This puts the paid survey site under pressure to make sure you are happy. They must prove to
you that their services are worthwhile, that you make your membership fee back many times over.

Insist on a low (3% to 6%) refund rate. Avoid any and all with refund rates that are either unknown
or are as high as 9% or more. This way you position yourself to be among the happy, satisfied

Once you pick your paid survey site and get your copy of their list, it is very important to sign up
with all of their preferred survey makers. After all, these individual survey makers are the ones that
send you the invitations to take surveys, and afterwards, send you your checks.

So if you go after free online paid survey cash, for surveys free online, how much money can you

It depends on your diligence, your demographics and how many good survey makers have your
info in their database of prospective participants. That said, however, most serious survey takers
report incomes of $200 to $600 a month, with many reporting incomes of $1,000 a month and

There is more to it, of course. If you want more information, try the links below.

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Get Cash For Surveys - Your Opinions Matter Get Paid For Them! Check This Link Now!

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