Tips to Make your Tires Last Longer

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Tips to Make your Tires Last Longer
How long your tires last depends on various factors like how much you drive, how you drive, and of
course, where you live, and where you park your car when not in use. Constant exposure to the
elements, rough driving, frequent driving all of these can knock off a few years off your car’s life.
But with some TLC, your tires can last longer even up to ten years. Yup, we’re not kidding! Follow
these tips to get the max life out of your tires:
Check your tire pressure every week, preferably in the morning before the sun is high for the
best reading. Your car’s manual will tell you the right inflation for your tires. Maintain the right
pressure over inflation can cause the treads to get worn out.
Carry out monthly maintenance checks on your tires check for sidewall cracks, cuts and
holes, nails in the tires, and monitor the tread depth. For dry climate like that in Phoenix or
LA, 2/32 is fine, but in rainier placer like Seattle for instance, 4/32 is the safe threshold for
eliminating water from under the tire. In snowy areas, you need even more depth, around
Rotate your tires after driving every 6000th You can do this yourself or get an expert mechanic
from Auto Repair Ventura to do the job fo r you. Use a reliable car jack and exchange tires
between axles.
As far as possible, park your car in the shade, or inside a garage or other indoor parking.
Exposure to sunlight and ozone can really suck the life out of your tires.
Always maintain the alignment of your tires. This is a job best left to trained professionals like
those at BMW Repair Ventura California because it requires some technical expertise.
While driving, avoid potholes and maintain a safe speed. Rushing your car over rocky roads is
a surefire way to quickly shorten your car tire life. As far as po ssible, avoid roads you know
are bad; take the good road even if it’s longer. It will be much better for your car.
Don’t let tire problems tire you out – take your car in for an expert checkup to a place with expert
mechanics, like BandC Foreign Car. Check out our service-specials here. To schedule a service, call us
on 805-643-9029 now.