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Tips To Pick the Right Shirts for Travel
How many times did you take in the right shirts with you when travelled? Most often, the shirts we
pack in with ourselves do not match the weather conditions of our destination.
So, does that mean that I always look into the temperature and weather forecast before I pack my
bag? Not necessarily! Here are some tips which might help you in packing the right set of shirts
which can be comfortable in almost all weather conditions and circumstances.
1st Tip: Quality of the travel shirt
Since travel involves lot of stress and fatigue to deal with, it is for your best that you should pick the
most right fitting shirt and that doesn't mean that they are body hugging and at the same time they
should not be too loose to make you look baggy.
Hence, it is necessary that you spare some time while packing and try the shirts that you want to
carry especially the ones which you might have saved for special occasions like a good holiday trip.
And yes, there is an obvious rule that you check in for any holes near armpit and collar.
2nd Tip: Comfort
Breathable fabric can be the only savior. Even if you are travelling to a colder region, having shirts
which are airy are important. I would say, you should consider it as a mandatory rule not to pick
synthetic clothes for travel as they are not breathable in the slightest way!
And if as per your guess, temp is neither going to be hot nor too cold, and then go in for turtle neck
with long sleeves. They will keep you warm and are breathable also.
3rd Tip: Quick Drying and Lightweight
Quick drying shirts are essential when you are travelling. You will always need clothing which is light
in weight and can dry quickly in case of a downpour or if by accident anything falls on the shirt. And
it is also easy for the moisture to get evaporated, if you do not have time for laundry.
4th Tip: Style
Can you spot a tourist from far off? Yes, because their style is always in contrast with locals. Most of
the times, tourists go in for comfort and do not consider the local style or culture.
Why compromise, when you can go for all of it, comfort, style and culture.
The easiest way out to style when you are going to a new place would be to go in for a collared shirt
in dark color with not more than one pocket and yes, it is always beneficial not to have any writings
on shirt.
5th Tip: Odor
A very important point to keep in mind. The shirts that we carry should be able to take in the sweat
and vaporize quickly. The shirts which are not breathable resist sweat and it lets out bad odor after
6th Tip: Function
Yes, it is necessary that you take in shirts which are versatile. For example: A long sleeved shirt will
help if you are cold in your air conditioned conference room and you can roll up those sleeves when
you are out to travel and are feeling hot. A button fastener to keep the sleeves in place is a bonus.
And if the shirt is with a collar, it serves well for a formal meeting with someone during travel and
you should be able to pull it up during evenings or nights to keep you away from cold and insects. It
looks cool as well.
Where can I buy a good travel shirt?
ManiacLife of course!