Tom hardy workout routine and diet plan

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Tom Hardy Workout Routine and Diet Plan Tom Hardy is an actor who is best known for his role in Bronson. He's also had roles in Star Trek Nemesis, RocknRolla, and Inception. He's set to start in the upcoming MMA film, Warrior, and will take over Mel Gibson's character in Mad Max 4. Tom Hardy's workout has gone from helping him add significant muscle mass for his portrayal as Charles Bronson to cutting significant body fat for his role as Mad Max. Tom Hardy Workout Routine Tom Hardy added an impressive amount of muscle to become Charles Bronson. He focused on training his muscles to fatigue to build significant mass. He intentionally focused on upper body weight lifting by performing compound exercises designed to work his chest, shoulders, neck, and arms. He purposely neglected his lower body. For his latest role in Warrior, Hardy plays an ex-soldier who returns home to become an MMA fighter. In preparation for this role, Hardy's workout routine included traditional weight training as well as martial arts training. One unique aspect of Hardy's training is that he carried around his trainer in a fireman's carry to help build strength and stamina. Additionally, he performed exercises designed to increase functional strength, making him faster and more powerful. In general, he combines bodyweight circuits with strength training and cardio. Some good compound exercises to include in a workout routine would be shoulder press, pullups, pushups, squats, deadlifts, and bent over row. Tom Hardy hasn't begun training for Mad Max 4 yet. However, he's going to begin fight training soon. He says he'll probably do 3-4 months of 7 day per week training. Tom Hardy Diet Tom Hardy's diet is nothing crazy. He works out relentlessly so has a little more leniency to eat things like pizza and ice cream from time to time. However, the majority of the time he focused on healthier eating. He has chicken and rice on a regular basis. He uses protein shakes as well, specifically to help him build muscle mass for his roles in Bronson and Warrior. It's likely that he's cutting a lot of calories for his role as Mad Max. He says that he's smoking and eating one meal a day to drop 30lbs. The vision for Mad Max is that of a hungry wolf...really lean and muscular but dangerous looking. Get a Body Like Tom Hardy Visual Impact provides a blueprint for gaining lean muscle without gaining fat. Learn the advanced techniques that celebrities like Taylor Lautner, Brad Pitt, Cam Gigandet, and others use to get hard, full muscles without looking overly muscular. Visual Impact will teach you how to gain lean muscle in the right places, how to build dense muscles while avoiding the "puffy" look, and how to maximize muscle definition by "shrink wrapping" your skin. About Me I provide no-nonsense “best of the best” diet and exercise tips to lose fat and build lean, defined muscle without spending hours in the gym. These are Not Your Average Fitness Tips. Read more fitness tips about the best workout routine including strength training routine, Tabata Protocol and download a FREE copy of my Fitness in a Flash report to help get a lean, athletic look in no time.