Top 25 Things To Stop Doing To Achieve More - Entrepreneurship

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25 Things To Stop
Doing To Achieve
Don't think you're important than anyone in
this world. You’re just as important as
everyone else based on what you do and
how you do it, just be yourself.
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Self Knowledge
Don't believe everything you hear and see, research can give you be tter insights and
propel you to other heights. Self knowledge and maturity can play a big part here.
Accept Advice
Don't Ignore advice even if you think it has no value – You might nee d it in the
future! I have before, but found out the source of that idea wasn't s omeone I was
willing to openly listen to at the time.
Entertain Yourself Sometimes
Don't stop yourself from doing these things; watching a movie, read ing a book or
buying a product just because it’s hyped. One day, you’ll miss ou t on something
you've always wanted but objected to getting. (But don't go on sho pping sprees).
25 Things To Stop Doing To
Achieve More
To get things done and build a strong sense of why you ca n accomplish
goals and succeed.
The Present and Future
Don't look too far into the future, use the present and build the fut ure you want. You
present situation and how you navigate through it will justify your f uture.
Religious Beliefs
Do not force your religious beliefs onto others. Believes are sacred and should be
respected at all times.
Accept The Past
Don't erase the past, instead use it to build a better future that wi ll help you accept
it as part of your growth process.
Now What?
Ignoring the present moment. This shit is happening so pay attention .
Stay Healthy
Stop treating your body like a track machine. You’ll only have one b ody in this life
Be True To Yourself
Don't allow other people to write your life story. They can do that w hen you are not
here to testify.
Advising Others
Don't bullshit people with advise, they can see right through it. Adv ise on things you
have knowledge about.
Respect Others At All Times
Smiling doesn't mean someone is happy, so respect the situation an d don't assume.