Top 6 Promotional Merchandise Consumers Find Useful Or Appealing

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Why Branding

Important For Businesses

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Promotional products are a great tool to increase awareness of
consumers to your brand. Various items can be imprinted with the
different visual elements of your brand. They are great as gifts for
consumers and corporate partners, as well. They are relatively cheap to
produce, and rely extensively on creativity to be effective and because of
this, these promotional merchandise are often used as part of a
business's guerilla marketing campaigns. The effectiveness of marketing
items is due to its added utility aside from being a media for advertising
Common day-to-day items can be transformed into effective marketing
materials. Below are some suggested items for your next promotional
Examples of items in this category
would include shirts, uniforms, hats,
and jackets. The PPAI says that 30% of
marketing merchandise are those that
can be worn by consumers.
Office products
Office supplies are an effective way of
furthering your brand because they will
be frequently used. This category
would include writing instruments like
pens and markers, folders, desk sets, and calculators.
Small electronics
According to a BPMA poll done in 2011, at least twenty percent of
almost 15,000 adults in the UK, consider USB drives as the number one
most useful promotional item. Other consumer electronics like music
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players are also among the top 10 items that people find useful even as
promotional items.
Advertising calendars are excellent giveaways, too. A poll conducted by
the Promotional Products Association International showed that 74%
and 72% of promotional calendar recipients remember the name of the
company, and remember their products, respectively.
Tissue pack
Using tissue packs as marketing merchandise is still a hit
in Japan where it originated, but it is slowly being
introduced in other parts of the world, and impressively
retains its efficacy. The advantages of tissue pack
marketing include their higher rate of acceptance and
retention among consumers compared to other printed ads
like leaflets and flyers. If you wish to purchase koozies,
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Personalized koozies
These beverage sleeves are constructed from foam or neoprene and they
serve as a barrier between your hand and the surface of a cold beverage
container. Customized koozies have impressive versatility. Because they
are available in many colors and styles, having one made to match the
visual elements of your brand is fairly easy.

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