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Top donor in the nonprofit
sector is also a lobbyist
Maurice Aguirre, Dallas is not only an outstanding fundraiser on
the nonprofit sector; he is also a top donor for nonprofit
sector/causes; he's a popular support of Christian communities,
child education programs, animal wellbeing, raising money for
nonprofit causes in in the south.
The chief lobbyist for the DG Group, LLP an advocacy
organization and public strategy firm established as a unique
lobbying firm with customized services; as a vehicle for citizens
to make their voices heard in the political process.
Every piece of legislation requires compromises, definitions,
debate over who gets included or excluded, and tweaks that the
public mostly ignores; that's where lobbyists excel.
When you seek lobbying representation, turn first to the
knowledgeable, experienced, proven professionals of DG
Group, LLP.
The chief lobbyist Maurice Aguirre, has years of personal
experience in the legislature and working within the committees,
commissions, boards and councils that carry out the daily
business of governing the state.