Top Five Occasions to Give Business Gifts

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Top Five Occasions to Give Business Gifts

Giving business gifts is an effective method for enhancing customer and business relationships. Gift-
givers will be remembered when presents are items that solve problems or make life easier for recipients.

It's recommended to select business gifts that reflect thought was given to the purchase. Giving
personalized presents that are relative to someone's hobby or lifestyle will make a greater impression than
a screen printed tee shirt or logo-imprinted keychain.

There are many occasions that are perfect for corporate gift giving. The top five include welcoming new
employees, welcoming new clients, employee recognition, appreciation gifts, and holiday presents.

Welcoming new employees: Start off on the right foot by giving new hires a gift that says you're glad
they are on the team. Popular items include personalized desk accessories, custom coffee mugs, and
computer accessories like mouse pads and USB jump drives.

Welcoming new clients: Giving business gifts to new clients is a good way to enhance the relationship
and express appreciation. Presents can range from canvas tote bags and eco-friendly drinkware to picnic
coolers and luxurious writing instruments.

Employee recognition: Employees greatly appreciate being acknowledged for a job well done. It's a
proven fact that people work harder when their efforts are recognized, so why not boost morale with
recognition gifts.

Employees can be rewarded for all types of achievements. Not only does corporate swag promote a
positive work environment it also motivates everyone to strive for peak performance.

Appreciation gifts: An often overlooked method for expressing appreciation is thank you gifts. Gratitude
goes a long way in building lifelong relationships. These types of presents can be bestowed upon
employees, vendors, business associates, new and future customers, and trade show attendees.

It's okay if thank you presents include your company name or logo, but don't go overboard on branding.
Instead, strategically place advertisements in a highly visible area so it will receive a lot of attention when
recipients show off their corporate swag.

Holiday presents: Reaching out to valued vendors, customers, and business associates during holidays is
the perfect way to develop goodwill toward your company. A lot of companies give fruit and food baskets
as holiday gifts, but it's better to think outside the box and give something unique and functional.

A few good choices include digital photo frames, e-padfolio for tablets and e-readers, briefcases and
messenger bags, and desk accessories like clocks and paperweights.

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Holiday presents can include logos or company name, but keep it simple. Really great corporate presents
don't have to be branded to be remembered. It's more important to select appropriate presents that will be
appreciated and used for years to come.
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