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SAP Certified Application Associate - Management
Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6
Version: DEMO
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Question: 1
How would you explain a market segment in CO-PA? What is a market segment in COPA?
A. A certain value combination of the defined characteristics.
B. A predefined value combination for the characteristics delivered by SAP.
C. A certain combination of the defined characteristics and value fields.
D. A certain characteristic combination of predefined values.
Answe r: A
Question: 2
Where do you determine the price finding strategy for material costing?
A. Valuation variant
B. Price control
C. Price determination
D. Valuation class
Answe r: A
Question: 3
Which data sources can be included directly into service level reports in SAP Solution
Manager?(Choose two)
A. Solution Manager BW
B. Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager
C. Early Watch Alert
D. Implementation projects
Answe r: A,C
Question: 4
Which of the following are valid assignments between company code and controlling area? (Choose
A. One company code to one controlling area (1:1).
B. One company code to multiple controlling areas (1:n).
C. Multiple company codes to one controlling area (n:1).
D. Multiple company codes to multiple controlling areas (n:n).
Answe r: A,C
Question: 5
When settling an investment order for an unfinished asset, the customer, by law, needs to settle the
order to an asset under construction (AuC).
How can this be accomplished in the system?
A. Set up an appropriate investment reason and a threshold for scale level and assign both to the
Questions And Answers PDF
B. Set up an assessment cycle to allocate the costs of the investment order to the previously created
C. Assign a settlement rule to AuC directly to the position of the investment program.
D. Set up the investment profile to use the AuC of a certain asset class and assign it to the used order
Answer: D
Question: 6
Scenario Profit Center Update with real time integration is activated in the New GL. How is the profit
center information stored in financial postings to a CO object?
A. In a separate profit center accounting document.
B. In a separate field in the New GL document.
C. In a reconciliation ledger document.
D. In a separate New GL document.
Answer: B
Question: 7
A company wants to use Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) to obtain an early analysis of their
anticipated profits. Which functionality provides the best results?
A. Transfer the plan balance data from Fl to account-based CO-PA and use record type "F" for
B. Analyze sales quotation as a detail value.
C. Transfer the plan data from the "Sales and operation planning" to costing-based CO-PA and use
record type "P" for analysis.
D. Transfer sales orders and quotations from SD to costing-based CO-PA and use record type "A" for
E. Transfer sales orders and quotations from SD to account-based CO-PA and use record type "F" for
Answer: D
Question: 8
How does material costing support semi-finished and finished materials that are valuated in stock with
consistent valuation strategies per company code?
A. Costing runs to update the standard prices have to run generally under observation of an external
B. You are only allowed to use one single costing variant to update standard prices per period and
company code.
C. You are only allowed to use iterative activity prices in material cost estimates which update
standard prices.
D. You are only allowed to use material cost estimates with quantity structure to update standard
Answer: B
Question: 9