Top Must Have Android Apps

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Top Must Have Android Application
Mobile phones made life quite smooth, and they also make it possible f or the
customers to work more efficiently and quickly. The variety of things your smart phone
can do increases in direct proportion to the variety of good applications you have
installed on it. This blog talks about the best applications that Android OS customers
can install on their devices. Android OS has quickly, cornered a large portion of the
smart phone market, and Android OS database integration is almost as well-known as
iPhone database integration. Today, the Android OS is the most well-known for smart
phones and tablets all over the globe. Smart phone customers are known for their
eagerness toward programs, and developers all over the globe are working extra time
to create innovative, interesting and useful programs for Android OS customers.
Pandora: This is the perfect Internet streaming stereo place for Android operating
system customers who love music. If you make an addiction of using your smart phone
as an iPod, this program will bring all your musical show dreams to life. You can make
customized, personal channels by coming into the titles of songs or performers in the
look for the box; Pandora will look for identical performers and play identical songs on
the stereo all day long!
Google Voice: This is one of the best application for the Android users. Using the
Google Voice application one can call to different places, can access text messages on
the Internet, can check the voice mail on Internet. You can use this app to make calls
and the number will look like a Google voice number . Because of such applications
Android is the best.
Amazon Kindle: Using Amazon kindle app, you can read long text messages any
time, even an e-book. Normally reading long messages are unpleasant on the phone,
but by using this app you can make it easy and reliable to read long texts.
Evernote: This is a quite simple and the best ever app created by the Android
developers. By using this app you can save any scrap of information in the form of
audio, data format, even can take notes of important data.
Google Sky Map: Google Satellite and Google maps are two important applications
that will let you know about a number of things. In case if you are looking for fun and
entertainment app, this app let you know night skies. All is needed to do is point your
smartphone to the sky and this app will let you know about stars and planets.