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Top Time Themed Movies and Sitcoms
Every time something awful happens to us we badly wish we could travel back in time
and fix things up. On a funny but sinister, if only tim e travel was possible we could also
mess with a few people’s lives. And not to mention how we could alter our present and
future. These thoughts often intrigue us.
To satiate our desire of time travel media houses and studios have brought out some
awesome sci-fi movies and sitcoms. We list some of the all-time favorites that have
time travel as their theme.
1. Hot Tub Time Machine
The film is about three friends and a nephew who are bored with their lives. It is when
they decide to revisit their favorite getaway that they are joined by a hot tub which
doubles up as time machine. It is worth watching how these guys recreate some fond
memories through their time traveling journey.
2. Source Code
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Colter Stevens, it is one of the best films on time
travel. Though fiction, the film explores the reality of human consciousness which
asserts that time is all in our head. The protagonist never actually travels in time but all
the things are happening in his consciousness. Stevens is sent to a Chicago commuter
train before a bombing which killed everyone on board. It’s interesting to watch things
unfold when Stevens tries to find what happened by travelling back in time.
3. Groundhog Day
For all Bill Murray fans this is one of his best performances ever. He plays Phil an
unhappy, rude man. After covering the news at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for
Groundhog Day celebrations he wakes up next morning ,only to relive the day again.
Because of the hilarious turn of events due to his time travel Groundhog Day makes it’s
way to the list of top five time travel films.
4. The Twilight Zone