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Chennai Kanchipuram Mahabalipuram Tours in South India

Chennai, Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram form a
great tourist circuit called golden triangle of south India.
These are three important cities and very popular tourist
destinations located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
On this exciting tour in Southern India tourists have a
wonderful opportunity to explore rich cultural heritage
and many religious sites of India. When you will be on
this exciting tour you will come across various
magnificent Hindu temples, and many historical
monuments which are the key attractions of this
popular tour operators in Chennai.Now have a look at
these three famous tourist destinations.
Chennai: Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is one of the most populous metropolitan
cities in India. It is noted for its rich culture & tradition, magnificent temples, fantastic forts &
monuments, beaches (Marina Beach and Elliot Beach), memorials, etc. Major tourist attractions
in this city include Kapaleeshwarar Temple (dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva), Parthasarathy
Temple (dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna), Snake Park (abode of various species of reptiles
including poisonous & non-poisonous snakes), Kalakshetra (institute for classical dance, music
& fine arts), Marina Beach (the second largest beach in the world), Elliot Beach, Fort St George,
Guindy National Park, etc. The travel in this city will give you first impressive and spellbinding
effect of South India tour operators in chennai. You shall never forget the charm of tours
in India
this beautiful city.
Kanchipuram: Kanchipuram is a popular temple city located in Indian state of Tamil Nadu
near the capital city Chennai. Located on the banks of Palar River, it is internationally famous
for magnificent Hindu temples and beautiful silk sarees. It is also called the Golden City of 1000
Temples. There are several Vaishnava and Shiva Temples in this city. Major Vaishnava temples
in this city include Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Sri Adhikesava Perumal Temple, Sri
Yathothkari Temple, Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Sri Jagadeeshwarar Temple, Sri
Karunagara Perumal Temple, Sri Pavala Vanar Temple, Sri Pandava Thoodar Temple, Sri
Nilathingal Thundathan Perumal Temple, Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal Temple, etc. Major Shiva
temples in this city include Kailasnatha Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, Kamakshi Amman
Temple, Dhrmalingeswarar Temple, Sangupani Vinayakar Temple, Vazhakarutheeswarar
Temple, Satyanadeeswara Temple, Adhi Kamakshi Temple, Chitragupta Temple, etc. Certainly
you would have wonderful opportunity to fulfill your dream of exploring magnificent South
India Temples.Mahabalipuram: Also called Mamallapuram, Mahabalipuram is a historic &
historical town in Kanchipuram district in Indian state of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is one of

the most sought after destinations for Tourism in India, especially in Southern India. There are
various historical monuments and temples in this city which was built between the 7th and the
9th centuries. The group of monuments of Mahabalipuram has been declared as a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. Most monuments here are rock-cut and monolithic. They depict the early
stage of Dravidian Architectural Style. Beaches are other attraction of Mahabalipuram tour.
Major attractions in this town include Thirukadalmallai Temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu),
Shore Temple, Arjunas Penance, Varaha Cave Temple, Pancha Rathas, etc. For more details,
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