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SCANCROSS Environmental
Services Ltd.
Complete Asbestos Solution
About us
Scancross give a far-reaching asbestos removalb enefit all through the home areas.
Scancross provide Asbes tos removal services throughout the St Albans,
Basingstoke, B edfordshire , hertfordshire, Luton, London, and Milton Keynes
Scancross provide a cost effective way to test yo ur premises by Asbestos Survey a nd
testing in areas like su rrey, hampshire, london.
Get assessment and management of asbestos service including asbestos removal in
Surrey, Buck s, Oxfords hire, Hamps hire and Berkshire includin g Reading and
At Scancros s we give an expert asbestos look ing over and re moval administra tion to
organizations in the surrey region.
With strict w ellbeing and sec urity rules set up in side our own particular bus iness,
Scancross can guaran tee that you are meeting these commitments in regard to
asbestos removal.
Asbestos Services
Asbestos samplings a nd anal ysis
Asbestos sur veys
Asbestos removal (commercial/industrial sites & public buildings)
Asbestos remov al (dom estic pr opertie s)
Asbestos decontamination, encapsulation and protection services
Asbestos colle ction ser vices
Asbestos ma nagement
Risk asse ssments, a dvice and consultan cy
Soft-strip and demolition
Re-instatement and re-insulation works