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Travel Boots Could Save Your Horse’s Knees
Somerville, Victoria Olympic eventer Amanda Ross shared the benefits of using travel
boots for transporting horses on horse floats.
Ross discussed the many health risks horses face during transport, especially in the lower
extremities. The Olympian emphasized the fact that despite horses being agile when moving
on their feet, their lower extremities are extremely vulnerable. She mentioned that small
missteps can already create massive damages to the sensitive tendons and other parts of
the legs and standing for long hours on horse floats can cause even worse damages if the
legs are not properly protected.
To protect the legs during transport and prevent long-term orthopaedic problems on horse
floats from QLD to WA to Tas, Ross advocated using bandages with travel boots while
traveling. Ross recommended using wide bandages made of either non-stretchable knits or
fleece material. She shared further that while these travel boots are readily available in the
market, the benefits are not maximized because of misuse or lack of knowledge.
The expert equestrienne shared tips and guidelines on how to use travel boots to safely
transport horses on their floats. One of the things she emphasized is the proper use of the
bandage to go along with the travel boots. According to her, it takes the right amount of
bandage cushioning and bandage tightness to ensure that a horse’s tendons are well
protected from the impact and strain of standing too long in a moving vehicle. Unevenly
wound bandages and cushioning can cause damage to the tendons. Ross also mentioned
that the padding has to cover from the knees all the way down to the coronets.
Ross also reminded horse handlers to pick the right padding for the right kind of weather.
She mentioned how on a hot day, any form of padding will trap in heat in the horse’s body,
given that horse floats are already a few degrees hotter than the external temperature. This
can affect not just the animal’s level of comfort while traveling but may also compromise the
overall health of the horse.
The Olympic eventer shared some personal tips on what she personally does to her horse
after a competition. Ross said that she layers stable bandages with thicker padding and
brown paper to cushion her horse’s legs and prevent any inflammation. When shopping for
horse floats in NSW or other areas of Australia, horse owners should be sure to also
purchase the right equipment to protect their horses.
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