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The old saying that many Christians use, "Actions speak louder than words," has a
truth to it, but not what they think. They are thinking that no matter what they say, it's
what they do that counts, and that's not exactly true. But the unseen truth is that when
they do something to or for someone they are saying that that is what they would want
others to do to or for them. Now, it is still not saying that what is said doesn't matter. So,
that saying would be more accurate if it was, "Actions speak at the same volume as
That's why, before you do or say anything to or for anyone else you should think,
Would I want this done to or for me. Ya see, there is an age old rule, called The Golden
Rule, that is actually taken from the Bible that says to do to others what you would want
others to do to you (Matthew 7:12).
So, when you do a good deed for someone don't be surprised if somewhere down
the line someone does some unexpected good deed for you. Oh, it might not be right
away but it will happen. Why not just get into a habit of doing good things for others.
But now, if you do something bad to someone don't be surprised when someone does
something to you that you think is bad. And, I don't know why this is but, the bad things
seem to get back to us sooner than the good things. Suppose, at the same time, you did
something good for John and you did something bad to Howard. Well Howard said
something about it to his friends and it got around to the bully squad who came and gave
you a spanking that you won't soon forget. A few years later someone asked John about
something and John gave your name, it came around that the person who was talking to
John promoted you at work and gave you a whopping raise. Both of your actions took
place in college, but the repercussions took place, one in college and one years later at
There is a man from ancient Egyptian history, named Joseph, who experienced the
good side of this. Though bad things were done to him he continued to honor his God.
One time when he was in the prison--framed--he interpreted two dreams, one of the
interpretations was not favorable but the other one was. The man who was comforted by
the interpretation got Joseph out of prison--years later. So, Joseph did a good thing to
the man, but wasn't rewarded for it until years later, but it did come back to him.
Then, it happened on the bad side to a man several millennia later. A man named
Soul was persecuting believers and not to long after some people in Damascus tried to
kill him,. Yes, even though he became a believer.
There is a verse of scripture in the Bible, Jesus was speaking, that says that your
words will either justify or condemn you (Matthew 12:37). And that is a very important
thing to know. But it is also true with the things you do, your works (Revelation 2:23).
Jesus said that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Here's a modern day
translation, He was saying that those who live by violence will eventually die violently.
Now, what does it mean to die violently? It doesn't necessarily mean that if he lives by
shooting, stabbing, strangling others that is how he will die, but that could happen. It
simply means that if he lives by killing, fighting, and bad mouthing he may not live to a
ripe old age of 120, he will probably die early and by something bad happening, whether
sickness or lose of something, and not in peace.
You see that every day, gang dudes are killed every day, why? Because that was
their way of life. Soldiers who get carried away with fighting tend to die the same way

they lived.
But, then there is Jesus and a way of turning your life around from living by
violence to living by bringing peace.