Trends Affecting Tech Pr Santa Clara University

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  1. Trends affecting Tech PR (and not just that) A talk with Luca Penati Managing Director, Global Technology Practice Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Santa Clara University - 4 May 2009
  2. Our world as we know it is changing fast, and it’s not just the recession
  3. Most of us are going through the same thing: a mix of anxiety and excitement…
  4. More than 525 magazines closed in ’08.
  5. IDG, CMP, ZD ad pages down 50% since ’05.
  6. Newspapers are growing globally everywhere but the U.S.
  7. Tech pages in business media are shrinking.
  8. There are less reporters and feature stories in today’s 24/7 news cycle.
  9. Business publications now podcast, blog… and much more.
  10. Tech media are downsizing and migrating online.
  11. Journalists pander for clicks.
  12. IT press has new competitors in bloggers and podcasters.
  13. Video is everywhere.
  14. Social media Blogs is rising in all Social Networks Social Bookmarks the markets. Podcasts Video Sharing User Reviews Rating Systems Collaborative Wikis Ranking
  15. It’s a new, more complex world
  16. ..and the rise user- generated editorial of content “socialized” vendor- media. generated content
  17. All the media is social, or better, socialized
  18. So… what does this all mean to me and to my profession?
  19. Companies can reach their stakeholders directly, with fewer filters
  20. Companies are now publishers in their own right.
  21. To those who say the media is dying and that PR will follow, I say: You don’t get it
  22. Anatomy of a PR Professional circa 2004
  23. Anatomy of a PR Professional circa 2009
  24. Content is King. The channel doesn’t matter anymore.
  25. PR professionals must become visual storytellers…
  26. And great, really great, content creators.
  27. If I was finishing school today…
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