Trends that Drive Social Intelligence

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Trends that Drive Social Intel igence
Forrester defines Social Intel igence as, "the concept of turning social media data into actionable
marketing and business strategy." An increasing number of marketers are leveraging Social Intel igence
to better understand where, when and how to connect with their target audiences. As Social
Intel igence can be transformative, a company needs it to maintain meaningful, productive
How Social Intel igence helps
The social and business strategies of an enterprise can become tangled with the use of Social
Intel igence. To produce a substantial value for the organization, the data that is col ected from the
social sphere is examined. This process aids in disclosing who a customer is, what they may want, and
how the customer feels about what they want. With this information the business can anticipate the
customer's needs and try to fulfil them. Organizations need to decide to move from the concept of
simply monitoring social data to applying Social Intel igence. With social communities continuing to
evolve, those that don't leverage Social Intel igence won't be able to act on insights that help them get
ahead of competition.
The data col ected can be used by businesses to optimize everything from advertising campaigns and
engagement programs to product development and revenue efficiencies, and this data can redefine
the social landscape. Some of the main trends that drive social intel igence can be identified as:
Social Intel igence, the new business intel igence
Personal interactivity between businesses and individuals is final y being realized through the power
of social networks. With the ocean of information that is available with an individual's social identity, a
large number of businesses are able to draw on the enormous amounts of data to engage with their
constituents in a personalized approach.
Analytics drives insights
In many organizations, Business Intel igence has been substituted with Social Intel igence. The driving
force between an organization's successes has become the social platform. This is mainly due to the
fact that social analytics drives insights. Consequently there is a greater understanding of customers
and markets that generates pioneering products, improved customer targeting, better pricing, and

advanced growth in both revenue and profits.
Cloud computing to generate more value
Cloud computing revolutionizes the way an organization uses its data. These cloud categories al ow
organizations to not only integrate business processes with partners and suppliers , but also enable to
extract speed to market and agility.
With Social Intel igence being the buzz word in organizations, there is a rethinking in how
organizations are thinking their decisions and strategies, even re-coining their vision statements.