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Truly Italian Fake


\\PRICE: Return flight Sydney – Rome with Malaysia Airlines (*conditions apply)

\\ IMAGES: Please submit the images to [email protected]
before the 1oth Nov. 2010 (file jpg, 300dpi, size between 1 and 8 MB)

\\GUIDELINES: Title: Truly Italian Fake.
The Italian trade Commission is the Italian Government entrusted to promote the original made in Italy
abroad; the Sydney office is strongly committed to sustain our authentic products which are the result of a
long process of research, innovation, quality and attention to details. Therefore, we encourage participants
to use their creativity and photographic skills to portrait anything that, in an attempt to mirror the Italian
discerned elegance, emulates appearance but lack of details. Photographers must disclose details through
which fake can be identified.
\\Please see full terms and conditions at for details.
By submitting your photos you agree with the terms and conditions.

This event is part of:

Photo Competition 2010 – Terms and Conditions
TITLE: Truly Italian Fake
PRICE: First Place — Return flight Sydney – Rome (limited dates in accordance to Malaysia Airlines availability – conditions apply)
WHO CAN ENTER? Eligibility includes both amateur and professional photographers of any age. Truly Italian Fake" Contest is open to
anybody on Australian soil with a regular visa.
You can submit your photos until the 10th November 2010.
GUIDELINES: As Italian Trade Commission, our aim is to support the value of authentic Italian products from outstanding quality to
attention to details. Therefore, we encourage participants to use their creativity and photographic skills to portrait anything that, in an attempt
to mirror the Italian discerned elegance, emulates appearance but lack of details. Photographers must disclose details through which fake can
be identified.
MUST THE WORK BE SUBMITTED BY THE ENTRANT? Yes. By entering the "Truly Italian Fake" Contest, the entrant represents,
acknowledges and warrants that the submitted image is an original work created solely by the entrant and that no other party has any right,
title, claim or interest in the photograph.
WILL I NEED A MODEL RELEASE? Yes. Each photograph that includes identifiable subjects (people) must be accompanied by a
separate, signed release from EACH identifiable subject in the photograph. Releases that cannot be verified for authenticity by the Italian
Trade Commission, for any reason (including missing, incorrect or incomplete contact information on the release form) may result in the
disqualification of the entry. You must upload or fax a signed model release when submitting an image containing any identifiable people.
WHEN MUST THE PHOTOS BE TAKEN? We would prefer for the images to be taken during the contest period for which they are being
submitted, however if you have an image you would like to submit outside of the current season, you may.
HOW WILL THE IMAGES BE JUDGED? Technical excellence is, or course, a desired factor, but any well-focused and exposed photo
has as good a chance as any other to win, if the subject matter is good. All decisions of the judges are final.
WHO WILL BE JUDGING THE IMAGES? The images will be judged by a non-biased selected panel. Prizes will be awarded only to
entries that the contest judges deem worthy. Some prizes may not be awarded if no acceptable entries are received. All decisions by the judges
are final.
WHAT ARE THE IMAGE RESOLUTION REQUIREMENTS? Submitted photos must be high resolution: 300 dpi at a minimum of 5x7
inches in .jpg or .png format only. In general, uploaded images should be at least 1,024k (1 Mb), but less than 8,120k (8 Mb).
CAN THE DIGITAL IMAGES BE ALTERED? No. Altering content or subject matter of a photograph is not permitted, except with
respect to cropping or resizing an image.
DO I NEED TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY FORM? Yes. You must complete an entry form for each image submitted.
HOW MANY IMAGES CAN I SUBMIT? Up to two (2) images may be submitted by a single individual during each contest period.
Individuals submitting more than the limit may be disqualified.
HOW MUST THE IMAGES BE SUBMITTED? Images must be submitted online in accordance with the Entry Form requirements.
Receipt of entries will be acknowledged. Photographs must be in .jpg (.png will be accepted as well) format and must meet required resolution
size (see above).
ARE ONLY DIGITAL IMAGES ELIGIBLE? Yes. No print or film submissions will be accepted. If you have a non-digital image you
wish to submit, then you'll have to scan the photograph to the required DPI resolution, and then submit the photo online.
ARE BLACK & WHITE AND COLOR IMAGES ELIGIBLE? No. Only color images are eligible.
reserves the right to use the photographs in printed materials and websites without paying compensation to the photographer or the subjects.
Your entry to the contest constitutes your agreement to allow your photographs to be: - Published on Italian Trade Commission websites
(including, but not limited to, and - Displayed at the Italian Trade Commission offices; - Used in print
publications of the Italian Trade Commission, but not limited to, Italian Trade Commission newsletters, national magazine advertisements,
Visitors Guide; - Used in connection with limited promotional use including, but not limited to, posters and other materials marketing the
competition. - All entries must be free of claims and rights of third parties.
WHAT RIGHTS WILL ENTRANTS RETAIN? Entrants retain all other rights to future use of their photographs except as specified.
CAN ENTRANTS SELL THEIR WINNING PHOTOGRAPH? Yes, but a purchaser must be advised that the Italian Trade Commission
RETURNS: No entry will be returned, and all entries become the property of the Italian Trade Commission. They will be added to the
permanent Italian Trade Commission photo collection, owned and maintained by the organization, and will be used as the organization sees
fit. Giving photo credit will be attempted when a photograph is used as a major image in Italian Trade Commission publications. It must be
understood that Italian Trade Commission gives promotional photos out to media, writers and other organizations, and they cannot be held
responsible when photo credit is not given to the photographer for his or her work.
WHAT IS THE GENERAL AGREEMENT? Contest entrants agree to abide by the terms of these Official Rules and by the decisions of
the judging organization, which are final on all matters pertaining to contests. The return of any prize/prize notification as undeliverable may
result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.
DISCLAIMER The Italian Trade Commission is not responsible for entries not received due to lost, failed, delayed or interrupted
connections or miscommunications, or other electronic malfunctions. The sponsor is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate entry
information, whether caused by persons entered at the website or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the
contest or by any human error, which may occur in the processing of the entries in this contest.
By entering, participants release and hold harmless the Italian Trade Commission, as well as any directors, officers or employees of those
organizations from any and all liability for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with the contest. If, for any
reason, the contest is not capable of being conducted as planned, including any causes beyond the control of the administrators, the Italian
Trade Commission reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, modify, suspend or terminate the contest without notice to the entrants.
The Winner is responsible for any and all taxes payable as a result of a prize being awarded or received. Entry into the photography contest
does not create any vested right or interest for the participants in the prizes offered for the contest.