Tune in to 21st century- use digital printing!

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Tune in to 21st century- use digital printing!
Digital printing literally means printing done with the help of digital technology. When
the printing is done by using images from a digital data base to print directly on the
chosen medium it can be called a digital printing. The cost of digital printing is a bit
high if you consider the cost per page, but it is adjusted by the fact that this method of
printing cuts down on all the steps which includes making the printing plate. As you are
not required to make the printing plates, the printing is quicker. The printing using the
digital technology can be done using various printing mediums like ordinary photo paper
as well as unusual mediums like metal or even stone like marble. We can also print on
normal paper and canvas using the digital printing technology.
There are many advantages of using the digital printing, first is, it is cheaper in the
long run. You can also print at home or at your office as you don't have to make printing
plates, you do not need a skil ed person. It is very useful and cost effective for bulk
order printing like the news papers. But it can also be used for printing something on
demand and that too on smal scale or even one of a kind. This is a direct process
which does not need to go into technical processes which are like pre printing
processes in the normal course of printing. The image is digitally created, altered as
well as corrected if necessary and then directly printed on the chosen medium by using
a digital printer. It can also be done with the help of inkjet printer and also with a laser
printer. It is the fastest way to print anything which you have on your computer. So when
you are printing an email at your home, it is Digital printing. When your son prints his
project by using his laptop, it is digital printing. It is now part and parcel of our day to day
life. We have accepted this technology at such a level that now we won't even
remember how life was before digital printing!
The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for Vehicle graphics and vinyl