Types of foot pain and its symptoms

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Bunion is the painful bump on the
side of the foot Or you can say that.

An enlargement on the side of foot
nearer to the big toe. As you see in the
right side picture.

The big toe pointing towards the other toes on the same foot.

Pain in affected Area.

Changes the over all shape of the foot.

It may cause by three factors.

Circulation problem in the feet is
responsible for foot pain.

Bacterial infection and fungal in foot.

Muscles and joint pain.
A Burning or constant sensation of heat in one foot.

Swelling and redness of the foot due to infection.

Numbness in the feet - a sign of diabetes.

It is the common cause of heel pain.

A flat band of ligament that connect
the heel bone to the toe and when it
gets weak or swollen and hurts, it is
planter fasciitis.

Small Pain when first step after sleep or sit for long time .

Your foot hurts more as day goes on.

Hurt when you climb the stairs or after long time stand.

It is nothing but the change in the
color and shape of nails.

It is painless first and then but if it
untreated then it cause pain and also
discomfort. But it rare.

Nail becoming thickened, crumbly and discoloured.

Change the color of toenails from white to yellow green.

Slight pain in the fingertips or toes .

Running is not the bad habit but
wrong way may cause foot pain.

The most common running pain are
planter fasciitis, knee problem, thigh
pain, heel or arch pain, blisters etc.

Pain in the heel and knee.

Swallow in foot and thigh.

Pain under the big toe.

Athlete foot is the fungal infection of
the foot caused by the dermatophytes

Medical term for athlete's foot is
Tines pedis and it may cause between
the toe fingers.

Itching between toe fingers is the common symptoms.

Skin between toes gets rough and scary.

Hurt when wearing a shoes and socks.

Pain in the ball of the foot is called

Cause by the nerve damage or the
abnormality of the nearest the ball of
the feet. It may cause by the tight

Mild ache around the third or fourth toe.

Burning or tingling sensation in the toes.

Feel as a marble or pebble is inside the ball of the foot.

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