Typical Misconceptions About Foundation Repair In Houston That You Need To Know

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Foundation Repair Houston: Common Misconceptions About Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Houston: Common Misconceptions About Foundation Repair

Are you scared that you need foundation repair because you have discovered breaks in your
foundation slab? Or perhaps inside your basement you've seen cracks spreading throughout the
walls? Don't panic. It is not the end of the world. Now do not get me wrong, cracks in your
foundation are potentially serious. But there's also quite a few misguided beliefs about foundation
repair. When you examine and better understand them, you should be able to breathe a little
easier and ease your concerns.

Misconception #1

When you have cracking, it automatically needs and considerable foundation repair solution

Not likely. Occasionally cracking is simply cosmetic. How can you tell? Well, since you aren't an
expert, you most likely cannot. The best option is to find a foundation repair expert and invite them
to have a look. And do not worry, if you select the best guy your initial evaluation will be free.
Simply do yourself a favor and get a few different estimates. This way you could make sure you do
not get ripped off.

Misconception #2

Getting your foundation repaired will almost certainly cost you a lot of money

House repairs are rarely cheapand often if they are, it means you have employed somebody
untrustworthy. Inexpensive labor often means below average quality of work. However, foundation
repair may come at a reasonable price. First of all, dependant upon what remedy you decide on,
you might spend less than you expected. If you are blessed, your situation is only going to require
a quick fix. Secondly, choosing the best foundation repair contractors means you can enjoy
special financing agreements. So you can break the payments up over a few months without
having to pay for interest.

Misconception #3

A foundation repair company must eradicate your beautiful lawn in order to fix your problem

In some cases this is true. However, as foundation repair strategies have improved with time, new
methods have been produced that are less invasive. For instance, if you're able to make use of
the stabilization strap method of repair, there is no damage to your lawn. The same thing goes for
using reinforcement beams. Will these techniques meet your needs? You will not know unless you


Misconception #4

Getting a good foundation repair specialist is hard

All it takes is a little bit of research to locate a dependable contractor. Your best tool? The World
Wide Web. Visit company websites and look around for customer reviews. Also see if they're
members of the Better Business Bureau. If they are, check their status on the BBB website. Lastly,
look to see how long they've been in operation. If they meet all three of these standards, you
should feel confident in using them to work on your foundation.

Misconception #5

Your foundation walls are going to have to be completely rebuilt

The reality is, there are multiple types of foundation repair. A whole rebuild is just necessary in the
most intense cases. Generally you'll already know because at this point your foundation walls will
be on the verge of collapsing. Otherwise, you'll likely be able to make the most of another
technique, such as stabilization straps or steel I beam reinforcement.

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