UK Retail Market for Cooking and Baking Industry

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2016 Cooking and Baking Industry in UK
This report provides an in-depth examination of the UK cooking and baking retail market covering
market data, key retail players and consumer behavior.
Introduction and Landscape
Part of researcher home retail research programme, this report provides detailed and comprehensive
insight into what consumers are buying across the cooking and baking category, what they're spending,
where they're shopping and why. The report also reviews leading players in the market and assesses
their future prospects. Strategic analysis helps you to understand what actions your business needs to
take in the market to win over the next five years.
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Report Details:
Published: June 2012
No. of Pages: 81
Price: Single User License - US$ 9750
Corporate User License - US$ 19500
Key Features and Benefits
Market values
We provide overall, sector, category and product market values to give you a detailed overview of
market potential; current and historic values are included
Future forecasts
On a sector and category level we provide future forecasts over a five year timeframe; at product level
we provide a directional forecast over a two year time window
Market shares
Market shares for the leading retailers are included at category level. A future outlook is also provided
for the main players to help you understand the future direction of market share.

Retailer profiles
The leading retailers are profiled: critical metrics like store numbers, financials and, shares are provided
along with an analysis of current strategy and future outlook.
Consumer profiles
Statistics on who's shopping for what are provided; these give a clear view on the most important
consumer segments and groups.
Strategic dynamics
The overall dynamics of the cooking and baking category are provided; this gives an understanding of
the drivers of demand both currently and over the next five years.
Ideation and innovation
Using all data and analysis, we provide broad suggestions for winning strategies that successful
businesses will need to employ in the cooking and baking market.
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