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Free electrical power without connecting to the grid. Electricity carried through the air to light up
our homes and power our vehicles. Enough power to light up an otherwise spent fluorescent bulb.
If this all sounds like the thirty-first century, it isn't. There may be technology available today that
will provide free electrical power to everyone.

When electricity was first discovered there were proponents of both the direct current transmission
and the alternating current transmission of power. Thomas Edison, long believed to be the father
of electricity, thought that the future lied in direct current. Power with a positive and a negative
pole, much like batteries, that was transmitted over power lines to houses everywhere. Nikola
Tesla believed in alternating current, with oscillations to the power.

Over the years home electricity has become alternating current while mobile applications such as
cars and battery-powered machines have relied on direct current. AC power is the safer of the two
since it is transmitted through wires and can be adapted more easily to home uses. Direct current,
because it has no transmission source, provides electricity for mobile applications because the
source of the power is contained in the battery which, in turn, is contained in the car or flashlight or

After Tesla sold the rights to his electrical generating system to Westinghouse he continued to
theorize that electricity, much like radio waves, could be transmitted through the air and with the
correct equipment in place, could power a house without ever needing to be connected to the grid.
If this was possible then everyone could simply gather the power they needed through a collector
and light up their house, power their appliances and even operate their cars for free.

Tesla had several theories that could provide electrical power to the world.

The Tesla Free Power coil is a device that can collect a charge of 110 volt ac and quickly convert
it to low amperage high frequency and voltage power that flows through the air. This power can
light up fluorescent tubes and operate appliances and machinery in the house when they are
adapted with the correct receptors. Prior to 1900 Nikola Tesla demonstrated that he was able to
transmit millions of volts of electricity over 26 miles and operate an electrical motor and a bank of
light bulbs.

Tesla coils, when plugged into a 110 outlet, can generate enough electricity in a house to power
light bulbs nearby. Tesla's theory was that through the placement of high-powered towers that
would generate the electricity the world could be supplied with electricity.

The culmination of his test was a theory of radiant energy. Based on theories of electromagnetic

waves that travel through the air, electrical power could be transmitted to homes and then
received and distributed through the house via wiring. In Shoreham, New York, Nikola Tesla
attempted to demonstrate his theory when he constructed the Wardenclyfe transmitter. This huge
radiant transmitter of electrical power was the first attempt to have electromagnetic power placed
into the atmosphere so that it could be collected and used in households miles away.

Nikola Tesla never saw his dream of radiant power come to life. However there are still devoted
followers of the dream today and we may be closer than ever to free distributed power.

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Nikola Tesla - Discover How To Use A 100 Year Old Device To Generate Free Electricity! Check
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