Uncovering the Legendary iPhone 6

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Uncovering the Legendary iPhone 5
Wel since the last few weeks there have a lot of murmur regarding the new iPhone 5. It is said that
this state of art smartphone is NFC enabled and has the incredibly fast a6 processor. Apart from these
two this phone is said to be loaded with such features that are sure to make you drool. A birdie has
told me that Apple is going to launch this phone around June this year. There is definitely no
guarantee that the iPhone 5 wil look like its anticipated images splattered al over the web. However
we would still like to say that the latest iPhone wil look closer to the last editions only bigger and
There are tons of new addition to the iPhone 5; the most incredible being the phone enabled with 4G,
now whether wil it simple 4G or 4G LTE that is yet to be found out, definitely the later is considerably
faster than the former one. And definitely what is even better than the 4G icon in the task bar is the
size, the iPhone might not look bigger than its predecessors in the first look but you wil notice the
difference once you look closely enough. By looking at the leaked pictures about the IPhone 5 News,
I can anticipate that the iphone5 wil be a little curvier than the previous models and also the camera
in the front will b e bigger this time, better or not let's wait til the launch. With an upgrades operating
system I am quite excited to lay my hands on this exquisite piece of manmade marvel.
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