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Uni Student Discounts
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As we all know most college students these days don't have very much expendable money. With the
rising costs of tuition, room, board and books that fact is certainly understandable. The good news for
students is that there are programs out there that are designed to get them discounts on the things that
they need. Getting special discounts on travel or food can help a college college student live a more
comfortable life during a time where extra money is at a premium.
Student discounts
By joining one of these pupil programs the participant will be issued a card. The card will allow them to
receive a discount on items from different stores that participate in the program. Places that participate
in programs like this range from major airline companies to small mom and pop grocery stores. The logic
behind offering a discount to the students is that once they become a customer in college they will
remain a customer in the future after they get out of college. The program is mutually beneficial and is a
life saver to many students.
If you do join a program like this make sure to ask about available reductions at places where you do
your shopping. Many places will not publicize programs like this and will only offer the discount if you
ask and present a current card. If you live in the town where there is a college odds are that there are
many companies that participate. If you can get a few dollars off of a purchase then it is well worth it.
Over the course of a college career the amount of savings obtained can really add up.
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