Unlock Your Samsung Smiley t359 With An Unlock Code

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Unlock Your Samsung Smiley t359 With an Unlock Code

The Samsung Smiley t359 was released in June 2010. A few of the
notable features of this cellphone consist of a 184 MHz processor
chip, 50 MB of built in storage space (as well as an external microSD
card slot that can be expanded up to 16 Gb), 240 x 320 pixel TFT
touchscreen display with 256K colors, 1.3 MP Mega pixel autofocus
digital camera, Video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1, and Gps navigation.

If you got this smartphone and have decided to switch carrier, or
perhaps you're vacationing and want to use the phone with another
simcard, you will have to unlock the phone. If you don't unlock it, an
error message will be displayed on the cellphone as soon as you put
in a new simcard. You can buy an unlock code on our web page at

Below are the instructions you will need to unlock your Samsung
Smiley t359:

1. Take out the simcard from your cell phone

2. Power on your phone

3. As soon as it completes booting up, type in #7465625*638*unlock code#
replace the words "unlock code" with the cellphone's numerical unlock code. If you don't already
have an unlock code, you could order one on our Samsung Smiley t359 unlock code site.

4. A message will display to tell you that the network lock has been deactivated. Your cellphone is
now unlocked and you may insert your simcard.

As soon as your cellphone unlock code has been entered and accepted, your phone will be
unlocked. After that you can put in a simcard from any other carrier and your mobile phone should
instantly pick up the network. In some cases you may have to adjust certain settings on your
phone (e-mail along with other web affiliated services) by pointing them to your new carrier.

For those who still have problems or would just like to get an unlock code, come visit us at