Upcoming Webinar The Customer Shouts Back — A Discussion with Emmy Award Winning Ross Shafer

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Upcoming Webinar The Customer Shouts Back -- A Discussion with Emmy Award Winning Ross Shafer
Due to accelerating technology, your customers' expectations have changed. They can get their TV, music, shopping, and friends all "on demand"
24/7/365. They expect customer "service" to mean customer "Urgency!" They want what they want - when they want it - and how they want it. So, if
you don't deliver at (nearly) Internet Speed, they will consider you substandard, lazy, or that you don't need the business.
On top of that, they want you to empathize with their busy schedules, their lack of education (re: your products/services) as well as their personal
vulnerabilities and frustrations. Ross will show you how to make sure you are consistently aware, empathetic, and urgent so you can retain your
current customer base...while you are wrangling customers away from your competitors.
"Finally a motivational speaker without the speech." - Jay Leno
Prepare to be entertained. Join Ross Shafer, Emmy(R) Award winning network host, writer, and producer and KANA's Vice President of Product
Marketing, Vikas Nehru for a one-hour free webinar. At KANA, we believe that this is the age of the customer. Increasingly, it's the customer
experience that makes the difference between customers retained, gained, and lost. To be in control of the customer service experience is to be in
control of the destiny of your business. On this event, we'll briefly explore how KANA Service Experience Management (SEM) puts you in the
competitive position of having complete control of the service experience. With that control, your business can create service experiences that hit
the mark on budget goals and your brand promise.
Key discussion areas include:
Importance of good customer experience
Challenges in delivering good customer experience (consistent awareness , empathetic, etc)
Date & Time-
November 2, 2011, 8:00AM PT / 11:00AM ET / 4:00PM GMT
Ross Shafer, Emmy(R) Award Winner , Vikas Nehru, Vice President, Product Marketing, KANA
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About KANA
KANA makes every customer experience a good experience. As the leader in Service Experience Management (SEM), KANA gives managers total
control over the customer service process, so they can take care of their brand while taking care of customers. By unifying and adapting customer
journeys across the contact center, web site and social community, KANA's solutions have reduced handling time, increased resolution rates and
improved NPS at more than 600 enterprises, including half of the Global 100 and more than 200 government agencies. KANA is based in Silicon Valley
and has offices worldwide.
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