Uptown Imports In Minneapolis, Offers New Import Car Service And Repair Solutions

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Uptown Imports In Minneapolis, Offers New Import Car Service And Repair Solutions
Minneapolis MN, 12-JANUARY-2016 - Uptown Imports - Foreign Auto Repair and owner, John
Shanderuk, are pleased to announce that they are in a new service and repair location for import
vehicles. The Minneapolis Import Foreign Auto Service facility has been a go-to location in the area for
more than a quarter-century. In honor of the new location, Uptown Imports is offering a special
discount for new customers. This group can receive up to $100 off on the first visit.
According to owner, John Shanderuk, speaking in a recent interview, "Look... I could have hired some
fancy shmancy ad guy to write this for me like every other website you go to but it just wouldn't be
from me! I know going to the auto repair shop and getting your car fixed can be like going to the
dentist and getting a root canal (Ouch)! That's why we've made it painless and simple as possible.
Uptown Imports isn't like other auto repair shops."
"We've been serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities Area since 1988" he continues. "Our
reputation has always been staked on being straight and honest with our customers. That's why people
call us the 'Import Auto Repair Authorities' with a proven track record of over 18,363 satisfied clients."
In addition to a fully staffed and highly qualified professional team, the company offers extras to its
valued customers. These include zero percent financing on major repairs and no mark-up on tow
services offered through Schmit Towing.
Learn more about import auto repair by visiting the website at http://www.uptownimports.com/ today.
Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are
encouraged to contact John Shanderuk at the location provided below.
Contact Person Name: John Shanderuk
Company Name: Uptown Imports - Foreign Auto Repair
New location: 1423 Washington Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Contact Telephone Number: (612) 424-5722
Website: http://www.uptownimports.com/