Uptown Imports In Minneapolis, Provides Foreign Auto Repair And Maintenance Solutions

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Uptown Imports In Minneapolis, Provides Foreign Auto Repair And Maintenance Solutions
Minneapolis MN, 08-FEBUARY-2016 - Uptown Imports - Foreign Auto Repair and owner, John
Shanderuk, are pleased to announce that the professionals at the garage have the knowledge and
experience to provide foreign auto repair and maintenance solutions to area vehicle owners. Late model
import cars are a focus of the firm, which has been operating in the area for more than a quarter-
century. The Minneapolis foreign auto service offers a discount up to $100 to new customers on the
first repair call.
A growing number of happy and satisfied customers are tracked by the service professionals at Uptown
Imports. More than 18,000 are part of the current customer count. The reputation of the firm is
carefully maintained through exceptional customer service. The company has been in the auto repair
industry since 1988.
The facility offers many types of service and maintenance tasks. The professionals work with brakes,
engines, transmissions and electronics. The computer systems can be checked for accuracy and re-
programmed if needed. Service type activities include checking fluid levels and tire pressure and wear.
Whether the driving is local or long-distance, regular maintenance and service tasks are necessary to
ensure top fuel efficiency.
The firm offers financing for larger repair efforts, through Bosch Service Credit. The financing is
available at zero interest. Membership in the car care club provides discounted prices on some of the
more common service and maintenance needs. By bringing the vehicle to the professionals at the
facility, the repair or service task is completed accurately and efficiently.
Learn more about import auto maintenance and service by visiting the website at
http://www.uptownimports.com/ today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions
about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact John Shanderuk at the location
provided below.
Contact Person Name: John Shanderuk
Company Name: Uptown Imports - Foreign Auto Repair
New location: 1423 Washington Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Contact Telephone Number: (612) 424-5722
Website: http://www.uptownimports.com/