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A Tree Health Company, Inc.
119A Walnut Street
Rochester, NH 03866-1631
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About urbAn tree Service / A tree HeAltH compAny, inc:

Since 1990, Urban Tree Service has offered premier tree and plant
health care services year round. We have on-staff certified arborists and
Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators in NH, ME and MA. Our range
of services includes the following:
* Tree & Shrub Pruning
* Tree Planting
We are always happy to
* Plant Health Care
* Fertilization
hear from you. Please
* Lawn Health Services
* Cabling
call with any questions or
* Tree Removal
* Mosquito & Tick Control
comments you may have.
* Stump Grinding
* Vegetation Control
You will find our staff
* Free Property Evaluation
* Residential &
friendly and helpful!
Commercial Services
check out our library of helpful videos online and on youtube!
www.urbantreeservice.com or www.youtube.com/urbantreeservice
Ask the Arborist
Q: I saw a sign on the Maine Turnpike that said
that "Out of State" firewood was illegal, why is
Q: What is the most important thing I can do for
that so?
my trees and shrubs?
A: It's part of an effort to keep the Asian long
A: Make sure that they are getting the right
ald borer out
horned beetle, and the Ash emer
amount of water. Either too dry, or too wet, can
of the state of Maine. These insects can be
cause many problems for trees and shrubs. If it
accidentally transported on firewood. Both
is too wet there are several soil borne diseases
insects are non-native species and are capable of
that can kill plants and when it is too dry many
killing large numbers of trees.
roots die which may lead to the decline or death
of a plant.
Q: What's the difference between an Arborist
and a Forester?
Q: Do ants kill trees?
A: An Arborist is defined as someone who i
A: No. Ants only live/nest in trees. They do not
engaged in the art and science of tree care. A
"eat" the wood. However, they do excavate out
s engaged in the art
Forester is someone who i
areas where decayed wood is present. So, if you
and science of managing forests.
see ant activity around or on your tree, you might
want an Arborist to look at it to determine how
much decay is present.
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FALL 2012
Every fall, I take a mini-sabbatical on my motorcycle with a group
of friends. This year's travels took us down to Key West and then
over to the west coast, all the way to the state of Washington. We
stopped at Yellowstone National Park along the way. That's where the
Redwood tree in the photo is located. It is petrified and what makes it
unique is that it's still standing. This is definitely one tree that's beyond
the help of an arborist.
Please help us do some good!
But, there are plenty of trees
Help Urban Tree Service find a deserving homeowner or
much closer to home that
non-profit agency to receive a Tree Makeover, free of charge.
do need some help. That's
Your entry must include a description of the problematic
why we are kicking off the
tree/tree-related issue and contact information (including
holiday season by giving a
physical address) for the property owner or non-profit.
helping hand to someone in
Photographs are welcome. We'll need contact information
the communities we serve.
for the person making the nomination, too. Please email
If you know of a neighbor,
your nominations to [email protected] (with
relative, friend or non-profit
Extreme Tree Makeover in the subject line) or send to 119A
organization that really needs
Walnut Street, Rochester, NH 03866-1631 by December 31,
an Extreme Tree Makeover
2012 for consideration. One winner will be chosen by a panel
- we'd like to hear about it.
of judges and both the winner and nominee will be notified
We'll pick a winner by January
by January 15, 2013. Incomplete and late
15, 2013 and get the work
nominations will not be
done by spring.
included in judging.
This contest is one way we
Non-winners will not be
can give back to the great
notified. Permission to do
communities that we've been
the work must be granted
The winds will blow their own
a part of since 1990. We are grateful to all of our customers for another
to Urban Tree Service by
freshness into you,
the property owner of

successful year together and look forward to many more.

and the storms their energy,
the winning entry. Let's
while c
Many Thanks,
ares will drop away
get out there and make

from you,
a difference.

like the leaves of Autumn.
Ed Hopkins, President

~ John Muir
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your damaged trees
URBAN TREE In the news
may have value
Ed Hopkins receives
the Professional
Communications Award for
Often times, people do not realize that their landscaped
trees and shrubs add to the overall value of the property.
Of course, homeowners realize there's the initial investment
Outstanding Achievement
of buying and having the plants installed. Then, there's the added
in the Newsletter Category
benefit of shade in the summer, aesthetic appeal, and the potential
from Bob Rouse, Chief
benefit to wildlife. These are the direct "returns" that landscaped
Program Officer at Tree
trees and shrubs add to a property. What is not often realized is that
Care Industry Association
the trees and shrubs on a property have a monetary value that goes
well beyond the cost of buying and installing those plants.
Urban Tree Service
According to the International Society of Arboriculture, a well-
supporting the 2012 Apple
maintained landscape can add up to 20 percent of a home's total
Harvest Festival in Dover.
value. In a survey of real estate agents, 62 percent of the respondents
Thanks to everyone that
believed that a property/neighborhood with well-maintained trees
came by to say hello to
was greatly more salable. With numbers like these, it's easy to see
the crew!
why one would want to keep their trees well cared for. The type of
tree, its overall condition, size, and location/function in the landscape
all contribute to the value of a given tree. Your Urban Tree Service
arborist can help you determine where your trees and shrubs fall into
these categories.
If your trees or shrubs are damaged by either natural or man
made disasters you should:
We've had lots of calls over the years from customers
asking what to do about bittersweet vines. The answer is
* Contact your homeowner's insurance company immediately.
a bit complicated because it depends very much on which
* Call Urban Tree Service, A Tree Health Care Company, Inc. for an
variety you have on your property.
arborist to begin the appraisal process.
American bittersweet is an
* Have your Urban Tree Service arborist determine the financial loss
innocuous vine that is indigenous to
which includes the cost of removal and repair.
North America. American bittersweet, also called false bittersweet,
is a great fall foliage plant and can be used in holiday decorations.
* Once authorized by your insurance company, have Urban Tree
It is not invasive or destructive. In fact, it is rapidly becoming an

Service remove and repair the landscape.
endangered species and is protected in some areas. But American
bittersweet also has an evil twin, commonly known as oriental
Your homeowner's insurance company may have
bittersweet, which is a powerfully invasive non-native plant that
recommended that you make a photographic
engulfs other vegetation, slowly killing it. Oriental bittersweet
inventory along with descriptions of all
vines wrap tightly around trees, strangling them in a process
your valuable assets located inside
called girdling.
your home. The same idea is true
for your trees and shrubs. Besides
American and oriental bittersweet look very much alike. They both
taking a picture of your tree or
produce lovely yellow, orange and red berries in the fall season.
shrub, it is also valuable to note
The American variety has smooth stems and berries that appear
species, size, condition, and
only at the tips of the vines. Conversely, the oriental variety has
placement in the landscape. In
blunt thorns and the berries grow right along the vine. Oriental
having a photographic record
bittersweet is exceptionally successful at spreading, largely
of your trees and shrubs, you
because it produces brighter berries - which are more enticing to
will be able to provide excellent
birds, who disperse the seeds after eating them.
"before" and "after" scenarios.
If you are not sure how to do
If you think you have oriental bittersweet, you may want
this, your Urban Tree Service
to consider trying to keep it contained, or getting rid of it
arborist can guide you through
altogether. Removal methods often include cutting the vines and
the process.
applying herbicide.
As always, if we can be of any assistance in identifying and/
or removing the destructive variety of bittersweet, please don't
hesitate to call.

Moderate temperatures and stunning colors make autumn an ideal time to
explore the great outdoors. For some, the backyard and surrounding woods
are the perfect setting for an outdoor adventure. For others, it takes a little
creativity to commune with nature. Either way, the benefits of getting outside can be
physical and emotional. According to discovertheforest.org, research has shown that

Recycle disease-free plant material into
kids who spend time outdoors:
* Demonstrate more creative/imaginative play

Plant new trees and shrubs or transplant
existing ones.
* Are generally healthier

De-thatch lawn if needed.
* Have lower stress levels

Apply lime to lawns.
* Have greater respect for themselves and others

Aerate lawns to improve water and
nutrient uptake and to impede soil
* Have a greater appreciation for the environment
Some helpful advice for making the most of your time

Apply light fertilizer to trees and shrubs.
with nature:

Winterize irrigation systems.
* If exploring the great outdoors is new to you or your

Plant spring flowering bulbs.
child, there's no need to be intimidated. Take it slow; start out in a nearby forest or
park, or even your own yard.

Remove fallen leaves from lawn.

Get web worm infestations inspected.
* Check out a basic field guide from your library. Field guides offer information about
a specific area, including the types of plants and animals there.
* Provide the time and space for free play. One of nature's many gifts is the
opportunity for unstructured play, highly valuable to a child's cognitive development.

Continue mowing until grass stops
growing and then winterize lawn mower.
Be sure to check out discovertheforest.org. It is a fantastic, colorful resource for the

Have trees professionally pruned,
whole family. You'll find craft ideas, safety tips, a "forest locator" (which helps you find
cabled and/or braced to prevent storm
local forests and parks by zip code) and a link to a free app for iPhones and iPads that
features interactive maps, photos and descriptions of local spots. You can even take a

Protect susceptible evergreen plants
virtual hike in Cleveland National Forest.
from winter injury with anti-desiccant.
So, what are you waiting for? Get

Place guards on small trees and shrubs
outta here! (And please - feel
to prevent rabbit and rodent winter
free to share your fall adventure
photos with us on our Facebook

Inspect trees for hazards and defects.

Apply winterizer to ensure a healthier,
thicker lawn next spring.
cut and sa

Remove dead and damaged limbs from
trees with maintenance pruning.

Make holiday decorations from trees
and shrubs in the yard.

Apply anti-desiccant to broadleaf

Keep bird feeders well stocked and
provide an ice-free source of water.

Apply deer and rabbit repellant to trees.
Securing your property's landscape by pruning weak tree branches, cabling
certain trees and even removing hazardous trees may spare your family
from costly property damages and personal injury.
If you would
Call us today at 603-332-1246 to book a FREE Tree Health Check-Up, or visit
like assistance
with the above
us online at www.urbantreeservice.com.
assessments and
services, please
call 332-1246.