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So I need everyone to immediately and I do mean immediately stop what you are currently doing right
now, and take a moment to pay close attention to this...because toi me it could not be more important
an issue. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is time, and I mean today for you to become intimately
aware of the health of your chimney. Because due to recent eventsm it literlly means the life and
death of your family.

Homeowners and property owners who are fortunate enough to be blessed enough to live in houses
with chimneys all know how precious it is to be able to light a fire and sit around it with loved ones.
Many people think there is just nothing like it. But the huge problem is that after the fire has gone out,
there is still activity happening inside the chimney and the chimney flue and without attention, you
could easily be building up a trememndous amount of soot and ash inside of your chimney that could
lead to a fire within your walls. While most people who have chimneys in their homes probably put
chimney maintenance at the bottom of their to do list, the fact is that it should be a priority. And it
should be a priority starting today.

I have been very lucky enough to have owned two homes in Connecticut over the years and both
featured beautiful fireplaces. And during the twelve years I lived in them, not once did I ever think to
get those chimneys checked. Not one time. Ever. I simply had no way of knowing how badly off they
were. In fact, I was completely unaware of how dangerous they were until I sold the second house
and found out that there was terrible damage done to the inside of that chimney that was actually
pusing odorless smoke into the house!

This all changed after a horrific house fire in 2011 in Stamford Connecticut in which two children and
two grandparents died after a house fire where the ashes from the fireplace had not been properly
disposed of. It shook me to my core and I immediately realized that a fire in our chimney could easily
have happened. But as I went out to find a great chimney services company, I found it incredibly
difficulyt to find one that was fully ensured, fully licensed and would fully guarantee their work. It
simply is not that easy to find.

Turns out that I was not alone in my quest. Also turns out that thousands of home owners with
chimneys in the New York tri-state area have been looking for the same thing. And the company they
have chosen thousands of times for years has been United Chimney Corp. And for so, so many
reasons. From the best chimney cleaning, to the best chimney liners to great sweeps and caps and of
course soup to nuts chimney repair, here is a dedicated group of professionals that simply have to be
tapped into.

If you are blessed enough to live in a house or a home with a chimney in Brooklyn, the Bronx,
Westchester, or Long Island, you could be sitting on an inferno waiting to happen. And that is not
hype. My strongest suggestion is for you to take the time to have the insides of that chimney looked
at right away. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is not something you can afford to lose.
Put your thoughts to getting your chimney looked at as soon as you can.

The simple fact is that none of us has any way of knowing the exact health of our chimneys. My
strongest advice is to beg you to look into the health and safety of yours to protect what is most
important to all of us.

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