Use Electronic Ear Muffs to Combat Occupational Hearing Loss

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Use Electronic Ear Muffs to Combat Occupational Hearing Loss
Amidst the high noise areas, for instance road works and demolition, noisy factory works and other high
noise ambiance it is essential to make use of earmuffs, earplugs and other advanced noise protection
devices. Any type of noise that is continuous and surpasses 70Db can thus make an individual loose his
auditory capacities, resulting in permanent hearing loss.
In this fast developing world today hearing loss prevention is an important concern for various industry
sectors, for instance mining, metallurgy, aviation, construction, manufacturing and many others. There
are instances when the loud noise in factories and go downs have led to permanent hearing hemorrhage
and other allied auditory and nerve ailments amongst workers. If adequate treatment is not followed
immediately, then it might lead to a lifelong problem.
Hence the best way to bring down these adverse effects of high sound is by resorting to innovative noise
protection devices. These comprises of advanced hearing protection earplugs and earmuffs that enable
a worker to carry on with their work amidst loud noise background and not be affected by it. High-end
features of such devices help the workers to hear the speech with clarity and identify other background
noises as well.
Eminent service providers have come up with headphones, earplugs and earmuffs with path breaking
technologies. Furthermore, they have also introduced a smart range of noise protection equipments
offering a clear two-way communication and other important benefits. Some of the features of
electronic ear muffs are listed below:-
A two-Way Radio Interface
Enables communication in environments up to 105 dB (A)
Binaural Capability which makes it possible to hear the speech direction and other sounds
Wireless Bluetooth connection to cellular phones
Security against all types of noise, namely, Continuous, Impact, Intermittent,
Facilitates in a face to face communication, up to 97 dB(A)
You can safely hear your surroundings whilst also hearing speech
12+ hours continuous talk time
Helps to communicate short range distances Ear Muff to Ear Muff, up to 50 meters
There are simple buttons for tactile adjustment without having to look or remove earmuffs
12mth Warranty
MP3 Interface
Industrial ruggedized
Long-lasting adaptable headband
Extra soft ear cushions that provides comfort for a long time
With occupational hearing loss as the major concern hearing protection devices are the apt solution for
high noise communication and help the workers to maintain a safe auditory health.
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