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Sacred Angels Pre-school
Use of cell mobile phones and cameras
Plan statement
Holy Angels Pre-school opinions the protection of the kids in our care as vital. The pre-school does not
allow the use of : Lenovo K3 cellular phones, any picture documenting system, or individual technological
devices such as lap covers, I shields etc to be used in pre-school without prior authorization of the
Personal cellular phones
We do not allow the use of individual Lenovo S90 cellular phones that belong to employees associates
during pre-school hours, on the property either in the house or in the outside playground.
Staff will keep their Lenovo K3 cellular phones in the closed processing cupboard in the office
In the occasion of an urgent, individual Lenovo S90 cellular phones may be used in the comfort of the
workplace with authorization from the manager/supervisor
All mother and father and guests will be recommended of this insurance plan as they get into pre-school.
Parents and guests will be requested to keep their Lenovo K3 cellular phones in the workplace during
their check out.
If mother and father or guests need to use their cell cellphone they will be requested to keep the property
in order to do so. There is an exemption if a visitor’s company or company functions a only working policy
that needs get in touch with with their workplace regularly throughout the day. Visitors will be recommended
of a basic space where they can use their cell cellphone with no kids existing.
This ban limits the Lenovo S90 cellular phones which are the property of Sacred Angels Pre -school.
These cellular phones are required as a point of get in touch with for mother and father and other individuals
and will be kept in the workplace at all times
The pre-school Lenovo K3 cellular phones will be taken on any off site visits that the kids and employees
get involved in.
Cameras and videos
Members of employees must not bring their individual cameras or video clips into the setting
Photographs and files of kids are only taken for legitimate reasons and with parents/carers published
authorization (found on the individual child’s signing up form), i.e to history their studying and growth, as
aspect of an declaration which may be used as proof for a recommendation, or for shows within the
Photographs or files are only taken on devices from the setting
Camera and video use is supervised by the establishing manager
Where mother and father demand authorization to picture or history their own kid at special occasions,
authorization will first be obtained by mother and father of any other kid to be aspect of the picture or