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Exam : 1D0-450
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1.What is the default location for the Web server HTML files in Microsoft Internet Information
Server (IIS) 4.0/5.0 on a system that has one hard drive (C:\)?
2.Which of the following is an example of a backbone service?
A.System monitoring and optimization
C.User management
D.File backup
3.Nadir wants to convert his Windows NT Server and 2000 Server systems from FAT32 to NTFS.
All the servers use one drive (C:\). Which command will allow Nadir to do this?
A.convert c: -t ntfs
B.convert -fs c: ntfs
C.convert c: -fs ntfs
D.convert c: /fs:ntfs
4.Which of the following is a characteristic of the linuxconf program?
A.It can be used to install device drivers.
B.It is a command-line program that is used only to add and delete users from the system.
C.It can be used to configure a system host name and IP address.
D.It can be used to install new applications and modules.
5.Which of the following scenarios might result from having a security policy that is too strict?
A.Users may place written passwords in their workspaces to remember them.
B.Users may choose ineffective passwords that are easy to guess.
C.Users may have access to resources that are not appropriate for them to see.
D.Users may choose passwords that are too short.
6.Javier has created a DNS address entry for a server. He wants users to be able to find the server
by its IP address as well. The server IP address is Which action should Javier
perform so that users can find the server by its IP address?
A.No action is required; the DNS address record will allow users to find the IP address as well as the host
B.Assign an address of to the server in a Pointer (PTR) record in
C.Assign a Canonical Name (CNAME) to the server in DNS.
D.Assign an address of to the server's IP address of 21 in a Pointer
(PTR) record in DNS.
7.Javier copies a file named "secret" from a folder named "restricted" to a folder named "open".
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Both folders reside on the same NTFS partition. What happens to the permissions on the file
named "secret"?
A.The file inherits the target directory permissions. .
B.The file loses its permissions and is assigned to the Everyone group.
C.The file retains the permissions it had before it was copied.
D.The file is copied into the new directory and the old file is deleted; all permissions are retained.
8.Jeanne is a Linux administrator. She notices that a user is continually abusing the FTP service
on the Linux server by downloading extremely large files. Jeanne has added this user name to the
hosts.deny file, but the user is still able to use FTP. Why does the user still have access?
A.The user name should also be added to the hosts.allow file.
B.The hosts.deny file does not allow you to exclude the FTP service.
C.The user name should be added to both the hosts.deny and hosts.allow file.
D.The user name is in the hosts.allow file, which is considered before the hosts.deny file.
9.You want to list all interfaces for your Windows NT/2000 system. What command will do this?
A.ipconfig /all
B.ipconfig -a
C.ifconfig /all
D.ifconfig -a
10.Which task is a part of the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) name registration process?
A.Name renewal and release
B.Static name assignment
C.Static IP assignment
D.Reading any Imhost information
11.Rolf is experimenting with NT/Windows 2000 commands to ensure that he can assign
appropriate permissions for his Web server. He executes the List permission on an NTFS directory.
Which rights does the List permission grant to the user?
A.Write and Add
B.Read, Write and Add
C.Read and Execute
D.Add and Execute
12.You are setting up DNS, and you want to assign a Pointer (PTR) record to a computer. What
does the PTR record accomplish?
A.The PTR record identifies DNS servers for the DNS domain.
B.The PTR record identifies the DNS server with the best source of information for the DNS domain.
C.The PTR record performs reverse DNS lookups.
D.The PTR record creates an alias for a specific host.
13.Suki is the administrator of a Linux system. She is told that Javier needs to be assigned
ownership of the job file. Which command should Suki enter to grant ownership of the job file to
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A.chown javier jobfile
B.chmod javier jobfile
C.cp javier jobfile
D.grep javier jobfile
14.Which step is often necessary when adding a new NIC to a Linux machine?
A.Copy the device driver to the /var/libs/ directory.
B.Load a new module
C.Issue the following command: . /etc/modules.conf.
D.Insert the CD-ROM with the device driver into the machine; Linux will detect it and prompt you through
15.Birgitta is a systems administrator for a large network. She is troubleshooting a server access
problem, but she cannot remember the IP address of the remote system. Which command should
Birgitta enter to determine the IP address of the remote system, even if she cannot log on to that
16.Nadir is a Linux administrator. A user tells him that it takes an unusually long time to receive a
response from another host system. Which command can Nadir execute to discover how many
hops exist between the user system and the target host system?
17.Nadir is a systems administrator who administers a network of Windows NT/2000 servers. He
has added a Linux server, and is attempting to use Samba to allow the Linux system to
communicate with the Windows servers. Nadir has Samba configured, but user-level security is
not working properly. Which of the following is the most likely problem?
A.Samba expects encrypted passwords, whereas the Windows NT/2000 servers send passwords in
cleartext after Service Pack 3.0.
B.Samba is not completely installed; user-level security is the final element in the installation routine.
C.Samba does not accommodate user-level security.
D.Samba expects cleartext passwords, whereas Windows NT/2000 servers send encrypted passwords.
18.Which tool in Windows NT Server 4.0 or Windows 2000 allows you to determine the directories
to audit?
A.Disk Administrator
B.Windows Explorer
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D.User Manager
19.You are the administrator of a Novell network. Which utility should you use to add users to
your network?
A.NDS Manager
C.User Manager for Domains
20.Claude has configured a Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server to notify other WINS
servers when its database changes. What has Claude done?
A.Established pull partners replication
B.Established push partners replication
C.Established DNS replication
D.Established NT Server replication
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