Valentines Day Gift

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Have an amazing day, full of . . .
. . . LOVE!
. . . ROMANCE!
By accepting this offer to Be
Mine, you lawfully and willfully
agreee to accept:
*1 (one) breakfast in bed
*1 (one) trip to the zoo or aquarium
*1 (one) delicious afternoon lunch
*1 (one) evening walk through
Seattle, at least 2 neighborhoods
*If time allows, 1 (one) awesome pedicure
*1 (one) sushi dinner
*1 (one) delicious home-made dessert
Good for any
*Up to 7 (seven) delicious drinks
Saturday of the
*1 (one) fun improv show or movie of
your choice
*1 (one) fancy home-made midnight meal
*A minimum of 5 (five) kisses
throughout the day
Note: only valid for beautiful women who want to be treated like princesses.