Various Heel Spur Relief Measures

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Various Heel Spur Relief Measures

Heel spurs can be very painful. They can surely damper your life. If you are also
suffering from heel spurs and are looking for measures to provide relief from
constant excruciating heel pain, then read this article further. This article will
advance your knowledge about various heel spur relief measures.

There are plenty of heel spur relief measures that you can follow to get rid of
your heel pain. However, the key to the best relief measure is to recognize the
cause behind the inflammation and stretching of plantar fascia. Some of the heel
spurs relief
measures are enlisted below:
People who are obese have high risk of developing heel spurs. As your total body
weight is on your feet while you are standing or walking, the pressure on the
plantar fascia increases with increase in your weight. This can lead to plantar
fascia's inflammation and can intensify heel pain.

Diathermy Treatment is another relief measure. In this treatment ultrasound
device is used to produce waves which produce heat. This heat generated by
waves helps in stimulating the blood circulation to reduce the inflammation and
soothing the swelling.

One can even take anti inflammatory medication prescribed by the doctor to
relieve the pain. However, they can have some potential side effects. Inflamed
soft tissue and bone calcifications that receive these high power pulses will heal
stronger without damage to the surrounding tissues. Electricity is not send into
the body.

One of the most effective and widely followed measures to relieve heel pain is the
alternate use of hot and cold gel packs. It reduces the pain by controlling the
inflammation. If you wake up with sore feet in the morning, it is the best relief
measure for you.

Use of orthotic shoe inserts and night splints can also prove to be very effective. A
foam rubber pad placed on the heel of the shoe can help provide adequate
support to the heel and can dissipate the shock impact of each step. On the other
hand night splints, arch braces and silicone cups help in reducing the tension on
the ligament as well as ensure that there is no abnormal heel movement.

In extracorporeal shockwave therapy, a machine is used to bring sound waves to
the painful area. Plantar fasciitis is a pain to the tough, fibrous tissue that forms
the arch of the foot. It is not recognized exactly how it works, but it is thought
that it force stimulate healing of the fascia. Using shockwave therapy well soon
gets the heel spur relief.
Exercises and stretches that are designed to relax the tissues on the heel bone
can also be very helpful. Doing these exercises and stretches two times each day
can ease the pain and lift the pressure off the plantar fascia.
FDA approved extracorporeal shock wave therapy as a measure to treat heel spur.
In this therapy focused waves of either high or low energy are exposed on the
affected heel. These waves induce micro trauma that initiates the body's healing

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