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Vendor Finance
My family had shifted to Malaysia before 50 years and we had planned to settle
there. We had property in our hometown and as we had no plan of returning back,
we decided to sell the property. We didn't have contact with anybody there and
thus, had no clue how to get the property sold without being cheated as we were not
aware how much our property will cost.
We contacted many real estate agents but the rates offered by them differed from
agent to agent and we felt that they were offering very low rates as our property was
in the centre of the city. During that period, someone gave me the suggestion of
selling the property through Vendor Finance.
They help us to buy or sell the property without taking much commission and also
help us in case of shortage of funds when we go for buying a property.
I did as suggested and Vendor Finance had helped me in finding a very good
customer, who purchased my property much earlier than I expected and that too, at
a very good price.
Indeed as per my knowledge, assistance of Vendor Finance is very good and
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