Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl Windows
Windows are one of the most important items in your Orange County home, beyond the aesthetics.
Put in the best windows you can afford. A vinyl window can be inexpensive, durable and remarkably
energy efficient when designed properly
to minimize thermal transfer. While early
vinyl windows had problems with thermal
expansion and stability in very hot
environments, modern vinyl windows are
much more durable and dimensionally
stable. Vinyl window frames are made
from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known
as PVC, the same plastic used in plumbing
and electrical pipes. Several chemicals,
fillers, plasticizers and pigments comprise
PVC, all of which are available in different grades of quality. Better vinyl costs more.
When shopping for vinyl frame windows, look at a cross section of the frame. The frame has multiple
chambers of different sizes. More chambers means higher quality. Good-quality frames and sashes
have more chambers to avoid deformation due to vinyl melting from the sun’s heat. Screws,
brackets and caulk, or welding are the two methods used to assemble frames. Caulked seams can
break during shipment. Welding, on the other hand, chemically reacts with the PVC to form a
smooth vinyl seal. Look for additional features such as reinforced meeting rails and balanced
systems that indicate higher-quality windows. For more info .