Visual Guide to eReykjavik and how to use the Leisure Card

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Visual guide to eReykjavik
and how to use the Leisure Card

Local Reykjavik service center in Breiholt

How to use the Leisure Card (Fristundakorti) on Rafraen Reykjavik (eReykjavik)

The Leisure card: The Leisure Card (or Fristundakorti) entails a voucher of 25.000 ISK for
each child
in Reykjavik towards the cost of participation in organised leisure activities. Each
child between the ages of 6-18 receives, via eReykjavik, a 25.000 ISK annual grant towards
organised leisure activities that are offered by various clubs, societies and institutions that
are members of the Leisure Card.

If you have not already done so you need to create an account on eReykjavik by selecting
Registration on the main page and enter your personal ID (kennitala - which will be your User
Name). This will take you to the registration page where you enter the relevant information.
A password for your use will then be sent to your Online Bank where you will find it under
electronic documents (under the banner of "rafraen skjol", in most banks). If you do not have
access to an Online Bank you can choose to have the password sent to your legal address
which takes 2-3 working days.

Once you have obtained your password you can select Login and enter your Personal ID and
password. Once you have logged in for the first time you can choose to change your
password to something easier to remember in the menu on the left-hand side.

Visual guide to Rafraen Reykjavik
Access to Rafraen Reykjavik

Frequently asked questions / Help
New registration
Lost password
Here you submit your personal ID (Kennitala)

Select Fristundakort (Leisure Card) on the left-hand side

To arrange for the use of Fristundakorti
Overview of current use of Fristundakorti

Select the name of your child from the drop-down list
Grant arrangement - how you want to use your 25.000 ISK
Overview of grant arrangement - how you are currently
using your 25.000 ISK


Here you select the amount you wish to use for a specific
course. You can use the whole 25.000 ISK for one course or
divide it between different courses.


You can seek assistance on how to register your child with the Leisure Card from those who offer leisure
courses and activities.

As soon as you have confirmed a payment from the 25.000 ISK for a specific activity the recipient (club,
society or institution) will be notified and the transaction will be completed in the first week of the
following month.

One cannot invest more than the total cost of a course or activity.
If a course or an activity costs more than the 25.000 ISK grant, the parent has to pay the difference.

Once invested, the grant cannot be refunded or changed!
Familiarize yourselves with the payment scheme and protocols of those who offer the relevant course!
Each member of the Leisure Card decide their own final payment date!
Those who have turned 18 register themselves on to Rafraen Reykjavik.
One cannot transfer the remains of each 25.000 ISK grant between years. At the start of each year, there
is a new grant and what remains of the grant from the year before, if there is any, is nullified.

For further information go to: call 411 11 11 or write to
[email protected]

Alternatively, seek information from your local Reykjavik service centre:

jonustumisto Laugardals og Haaleitis - Siumula 39 - 411 1500
jonustumisto Vesturbaejar - Hjararhaga 45-47 - 411 1700
jonustumisto Miborgar og Hlia - Skulagotu 21 - 411 1600
jonustumisto Breiholts - Alfabakka 12 - 411 1700
jonustumisto Grafarvogs og Kjalarness- Langarima 21 - 411 1400
jonustumisto Arbaejar og Grafarholts - Baejarhalsi 1 - 411 1200