Vitamin D Helps to Increase Lung Function

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Vitamin D Helps to Increase Lung Function
A study conducted by health supplements singapore company has reached to the
conclusion that vitamin D could be the one to increase the good functioning of our
lungs. This information has been reached at due to a study meant to analyze lung
volume on 28,000 people and the result was that people with higher levels of D vitamin
present stronger lungs whereas a low level of this vitamin presents weaker lungs.
The lung volume tests imply the measuring of air amount once a person is taking a
deep breath in one second and the amount of air exhaled after breathing in. It has been
shown that the people that have high levels of vitamin D present their lung capacity as
being larger than the lung capacity of the people with lower levels of vitamin D.
It is not the first time to be proved that vitamin D has plenty of benefits for our health.
We can take this vitamin also from a sun bathing, it is considered that a daily staying in
the sunlight of 10 to 20 minutes without the sunscreen is enough for us to take in the
beneficial dose of vitamin D straight from the sun. It is recommended that this short sun
bath to be done without the sunscreen cream due to the fact that the layer of cream
prevents the proper penetration of the sunlight into our skin, hence our body.
It was also demonstrated that vitamin D can be found in eggs, oily fish, leafy greens and
butter. In case our body lacks vitamin D this could lead to various diseases, such as
osteoporosis, MS, various types of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, only to name a
The study conducted by the team in Auckland University has proven the benefits of this
vitamin regarding the health of our lungs, but it hasn't been proven yet that
supplementing our vitamin needs with D vitamin could help the people that suffer from
chronic respiratory disease, as it is for instance, asthma. Other useful remarks resulted
from this study are that vitamin D is related to the levels of obesity appeared less in
women and more in men, and lower levels of vitamin D have been found in smokers of
more than one pack of cigarettes per day.
Once this discovery made, researchers have tried to find an explanation of the reason
why the presence of this vitamin has this effect upon good lung functioning, but they
have reached to the conclusion that vitamin D is responsible with lung tissue repairs,
the same vitamin is the one to allow the body to intake Calcium. It has been carried
forth also the conclusion that vitamin D affects the growth of cell, but at the same time it
is needed in developing strong bones and as such enlarging the thoracic cavity bearing
an effect on the size of the lungs.
However, many researches still have to be conducted to determine whether vitamin D is
truly helpful in its highest levels, hence to what extent it needs to be present inside our