VV Minerals Successfully Manages Its Business Along With Its Responsibilities Towards Society

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VV Minerals Successfully Manages Its Business
Along With Its Responsibilities Towards
The Beach Mineral Sands deposits are very unique. They are
found only in the coastal areas, formed & concentrated by the
Ocean waves. In India, the Deposits are found in the coasts of
Odhisa, A.P, and Tamil Nadu in the East coast and Kerala &
Maharashtra in the West coast. The sands contain five or six
minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Sillimanite etc, in
varying percentages. In India there is a lot of scope for the
heavy mineral mining industry as India has one of the highly
gifted coastlines which have abundance of heavy minerals. To
make the best use of these resources more attention should
be paid to as it can reap in huge benefits to our nation in
many ways.
VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan is one of the chief players of this
industry and also the prime exporter of heavy minerals from
India. They are the first company to receive the `Export House'
status for heavy minerals from the Government as well as
various chambers of commerce and industry. All the business
activities they carry out keeping in mind the environmental
factors. It is an IMS certified company, with established
policies and procedures for ensuring quality, environment
protection. They have been conducting beach mineral mining
on the coast of Tamil Nadu for over two decades and have

contributed greatly towards the preservation of our
VVM uses eco-friendly methods like windmill, sun drying and
gasifiers to reduce pollution. In their move towards to saving
the environment they use of seawater against fresh water
which contributes chiefly in saving a lot of water. Apart from
that they also use eco friendly processing plants, free from air,
water and noise pollution which benefit both the company
and the environment. VV Mineral, India is the only beach
mining company to have a dedicated environmental cell with
quality environmental engineers and professionals.
It is easy to successfully run a business endeavor and make
profits out of it but to be socially responsible while running a
business is what differentiates a business entity from the rest.
Mr. S. Vaikundarajan has built a successful enterprise that
makes sure it fulfills its duties towards the society. These days
generally people have wrong ideas about private companies
and it is believed that private companies are only concerned
about their profits and nothing else. But, S. Vaikundarajan has
proved it to the world that he is one of a kind who follows his
principles and ethics even while conducting business and
always thinks about doing good to the society and the
environment. Such people are rare to find. VV Mineral always
aims at a sustainable development such that everyone
benefits from it and no inconvenience is caused to anyone.

The Directors of the company include J Muthurajan, V.
Subramanian and S. Jegatheesan. All their efforts go into
providing better opportunities to Indian people in making a
mark in global industries. They have built this entire
enterprise from scratch called VVM Group, which not only
includes heavy mineral mining of Rutile, Zircon, Garnet and
Ilmenite, but also in different sectors like agro, paints, textiles,
and stones.
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