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Planning Wall Decor for Your Bedroom
Many people feel ‘at home’ only when they are in their bedroom. This part of
your house is capable of removing all the gloom of a stressful day, provided it is
decorated in a visually pleasing way. When it comes to decorating your bedroom
you should also give importance to the wall decor apart from the furniture, the
bedding and the curtains etc. The world of interior design has always given
utmost importance to the beauty of the bedroom walls. The splendor of your
bedroom walls goes beyond just paints or white-wash. You should also focus on
the embellishments that you can use to revive the walls of your bedroom.
Many of the top Indian interior designers have introduced some gorgeous wall
embellishments in the market. You can find these on some of the best online
shopping sites in India. While you plan the home décor to make your dwelling
beautiful, make sure that you don’t forget to plan the decoration for your walls of
your bedroom. Here are some tips that you can follow:
In urban homes of the modern times, many home makers have used stylish
wall stickers to add life to the walls of their bedroom. These come in a
variety of designs and styles. You can find some artistic tree wall stickers
that you can decorate on the wall adjacent or even opposite to your bed, so
you wake up admiring their beauty. For the bedroom walls of your little
one, there are many cartoon, car and butterfly wall stickers that cangive an
energetic aura to the whole bedroom.
If you are looking for different kind of wall decals, you can also choose the
ones that come in philosophical quotes about life and living. And if you
decorate your bedroom walls with these, you will start your day with some
motivating words and you may also remain motivated throughout the day.
The beauty of your bedroom walls is incomplete without a nice wall clock.
Choose the one which is in contrast your wall paint and see how your
bedroom gets stroke of gorgeousness. If you want to contrast your modern
wall paint with something vintage, there are also some antique wall clocks
that you can choose from.
Hanging a traditional wall art on your bedroom walls is also a nice idea for
those of you who want to give a more ethnic feel to your bedroom. Or you
can also decorate some contemporary caricatures using wall accents that
have become quite a trend in modern Indian homes.
So, follow these tips to give a splendid makeover to bedroom walls so as to give
an even better strike of splendor to the whole bedroom.
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