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Remedies For Acidity And Heartburn
Acidity is a common problem which can happen in any age.
Those who eat spicy foods and drink beverages more than
normal mostly suffer through this problem. When acidity
happens, it causes a burning feeling inside chest and stomach.
Sometimes one suffers through intense pain also during acid
reflux. The main cause is the intake of foods which are hard to
digest. More than normal amount of hydrochloric acid is
released by stomach to break down complex foods.
Remedies For Acidity And Heartburn
High amount of spices react with excessive hydrochloric acid
and cause formation of gas due to which one feels burning
sensation inside stomach. This gas sometimes comes up and
causes heartburn. Indigestion caused by such foods leads to
intestinal problems also. Gas released due to improper
digestion of foods results in bloating in abdominal area and
misbalances the normal process of absorption of nutrients and
formation of feces.