Wastewater Treatment Recycling System uses dry formula reactant.

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Wastewater Treatment Recycling System uses
dry formula reactant.

Sabo Industrial is introducing the simple, affordable solution for
industries and fleet maintenance shops that need to recycle the wash
water from power washing equipment, etc. Being able to reuse this
wash water puts you in compliance with the regulatory agencies since
there is no discharge. Sabo provides the alternative in waste
management, treatment and recycling. The reactants are a unique dry
formula that when added to our space saving treatment system,
achieve excellent results to recycle the wash water.

Although there are some existing traditional processes available for
treatment of contaminants, they are typically multi stage setups that
require a variety of chemicals, qualified personnel, valuable floor space
and substantial man hours to achieve good results. Even after all these
processes, the solid waste generated may be deemed hazardous and be
subject to increased disposal costs. Any way you look at it, it's a
problem and a headache.

The process is simple, fully automatic and separates out suspended oils,
emulsified oils and heavy metals. It encapsulates the contaminates. The
sludge produced is non-leachable and is non-hazardous. The final pass
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Wastewater Treatment Recycling System uses
dry formula reactant.

through the carbon column to remove VOC's, herbicides and pesticides.
There is very little maintenance, 1hr/week and the flow rate is 5 gpm.

This product is easy to use with little maintenance. Foot print of the
equipment is approximately 5' x 8'. Also available with its own pressure
washer mounted under the reaction tank. A truly turnkey system that
just plugs in. A wash pad or area to collect the water will be necessary if
none exits.

Sabo Industrial Corp. is a manufacturer of wastewater treatment
equipment, bag filters and distributes Cleartreat(R) separating agents.
Sabo Industrial is a well-established company in Orange County NY and
is the proud recipient of the Averall Harriman Award in 2000 for New
To International Business as well as the Green Business of the Year
award for 2008 from the Chamber of Commerce.

Sabo Industrial has been in the wastewater treatment industry since
1992. Their innovative products can be found throughout the United
States and Europe. Their line of separating agents is the only one that
offers total encapsulation of soluble metals and contaminants. Sabo's
treatment systems have been introduced in industries such as:
flexographic printing, plating, industrial battery wash water, railroad
transit systems, aircraft maintenance, circuit board manufacturing and
wineries just to name a few. This translates into millions of gallons of
wastewater that is now within compliance for discharge.

Being environmentally friendly is what they do every day and strive to
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Wastewater Treatment Recycling System uses
dry formula reactant.

demonstrate to their clients that wastewater treatment is not only
required by government regulations but is a conscientious response to
the ever-increasing environmental issues we face. Sabo Industrial offers
a comprehensive solution and has the ability to make it affordable to be
environmentally compliant.

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