Water Conservation Valve Manufacturer Offers 100% Financing Options on Water Valve

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Water Conservation Valve Manufacturer Offers 100% Financing Options on Water Valve
Water saving valve manufacturer, Terawatt Dynamics now offers easy financing options to clients
planning to instal the company's water conservation system. The loan is now made available through the
company's distribution network and is based on client goals and qualifications.
The water saving valve is based on a pioneering concept that compresses air present in the water line,
reduces water spinning and regulates the water flow, thereby al owing large users like restaurants,
carwashes, food processing facilities and hotels to save thousands of dol ars every month.
"The loan process is simple and straightforward with reasonable interest rates for qualified clients. It takes
24-72 hours for a loan decision once al paperwork is submitted," says Paul Pape, TeraWatt Dynamics'
Terawatt Dynamics offers three types of loans: note financing, shared savings and lease financing.
Qualified customers get 100% financing with reasonable interest rates and within a 12 to 60 month
repayment term. The benefits of this system include early termination of loan and lower acquisition cost of
The shared savings are for customers who can share in savings over a period of time without the financial
obligations of lease or note financing. Money saved every month on the water bil s are split by
predetermined percentage. The length of this arrangement depends on the al ocation of monthly savings,
while the amount of savings is measured by experts at Terawatt Dynamics.
Lease financing options are available for a set period of 12 to 60 months with no early termination. Al
payments must be completed within the payment term. A high approval rate and zero capital expenditure
are some of the benefits of the system.
How the water savings valve works:
Air is an inherent component of water. It also enters the water line through the pumping of water and tiny
cracks present in the line. While paying for water consumption, customers also pay for this air. Water
delivered through the water system passes at a varying pressure. This pressure drops when passing
through fixtures. The sudden drop in pressure causes air to fil in.

The water savings valve compresses air before it reaches the water meter. Thus, consumers are charged
only for the actual volume of water. Also, the water meter is designed to operate within the flow range.
Thus, excess supply caused by higher pressure is also eliminated. Users get to save water in non
volumetric usage.